It was NOT a “Tea Party Crazy” ! …. Darn it!

April20/ 2013

That angry sound you hear is 1,000s of above-the-fold headline stories and network news leads being, very reluctantly, shredded and discarded. MUCH to the disappointment of the pseudo elitist mainstream media….. The Boston Bomber is NOT some Bible-totin’ Tea Party Crazy. DAMN IT!

The mainstream media and The Barack Obama Permanent Campaign Team are not happy today at all. Two fanatical Muslim punks – No Fair !!

The ideal scenario for media stooges all across the fruited plain was for the bomber(s) to NEVER be apprehended. That way they could “assume” (and tell you for ever and ever) that it was “anti-abortion, pro-gun, Bible-totin’, racist, homophobic, wimmen-hatin’ Tea Party Crazies”.

BHO’s low information lemming would have sucked it all up just like they have been sucking up his radical hate rhetoric for the past six years. Obama’s trained seals Bozo Joe, Harry Reid, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher et al could have raged and slurred and ranted and inflamed their gullible minions that “it was those awful right-wingers taking orders from those awful talk radio crazies” that blew up all those innocent people in Boston….” ????

…… Trot out some more NewTown Sandy Hook parents to say if we (1) confiscate all of Bubba’s guns and (2) outlaw “tea parties” and (3) let in all the illegal immigrants then no more innocent marathon runners (or our children) will have to die. ??? !!! ???

Barack & Michelle could have declared a Four Year National Marathon Mourning and created a new color lapel ribbon to remind a mourning nation that:

“It was probably those awful conservative Republicans that did this so join us in hating them and stamping out those awful people…… Change that stoopid Constitution to allow The Wonderful Barack to be permanent American Messiah For Life or those eeeeevil Republican Jesus-freaks might blow up your child and your home too.”

Local Chapel Hill hero – Hodding Carter – declared this week that “Conservatives are killing machines…. and want to hang us all collectively.” Yep local Chapel Hill hero celebrity Hodding Carter said that this week.

But then Phooey, Heck and Gosh darn it….. t’weren’t no Tea Party Crazy at all.

Unless you live under a rock or get your news from CNN, MSNBC, WRAL The N&O, The N&R….. you know the Boston Bombers are two Muslims punks who were educated at a “notorious New England charter school” – Cambridge Rindge & Latin – like Sidwell Friends (which is a very private elite school in DC) where Obama’s kids go – to be programmed to hate mainstream America.

MUSLIMS ? How can that be? Lord Obama has been brainwashing his disciples that Muslims Good – Christians Very Very Bad for six years now. Nativity scenes Very Bad ….. Ramadan Very Good. …… King James Bible Very Bad ….. Koran Very Good. Now this mess.

Rahm Emmanuel’s credo to “never let a good crisis go to waste” won’t work. This is exactly NOT the outcome that GangObama and his Far Left Media Lunatics wanted.

With “misunderstood” Muslim Punk #2 now apprehended the media stooges will shut down coverage of this event. It does not fit their agenda. “Does not fit” being an understatement.

Can the media stooges and Obamic White House spin all this to make the two crazy muslim bombers “misunderstood” and actually “heroes”? That the bombers ARE Muslims is already being omitted from mainstream media reports (at the White House’s insistence).

Rahm, how can this crisis be spun?

NEVER FORGET This Past Week.
NEVER FORGET The Media / Obama Hate Spin
After the next attack…. they will do this again.


UPDATE: I was back in Chapel Hill on Friday for a Sports/Academics Panel. BobLee will be telling you about it. Yes, the Justin Bieber Dweeb Look-A-Like Contest is still underway. 🙂

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