Not enough Testosterone to…..

April17/ 2013

Last Saturday I went over to Chapel Hill with BobLee. “The I-Legend” was reunioning with old football pals from back-in-the-day so I checked out the famous UNC@CH campus. Yogi says, “you can observe a lot by just watching”. Great Caesars Ghost !! If testosterone was sand, there is not enough of it at UNC@CH to fill up a kitty’s litter box. …….

It was “a Chamber of Commerce Day” in Chapel Hill assuming Chapel Hill HAS a Chamber of Commerce since commerce implies capitalism and we all know how they feel about that over there.

It was the sort of day an institution takes its brochure pictures. What better day to get a feel for what UNC@CH is all about….. to bathe in the raw essence of all that “is” The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill.

I went in to the student union to get a cuppa coffee and then sat at an outside table to drink in what UNC is all about….. Charles Kuralt’s bell, wall, well et al.

This was a spontaneous field trip with no preconceived notion of what I would find. I had a totally open-mind which, I was told later, is aggressively frowned upon over there.

I did notice a LOT of PC propaganda in and around their student union. Intimidating poster displays about what to think and how to think it. A LOT of “thou shalt nots” about speaking and thinking. Reminded me of National Geographic articles on North Korea and Cuba and Caracas. Brrrrrr, scary.

A look&see in the bookstore was insightful. A very decided political partisan bent to the book displays and authors highlighted. To say there was an ideological imbalance to it all would be quite the understatement. Not quite how BobLee had described it from “his days” there.

“Alternative life styles” were definitely en vogue with all the subtlety of a Moscow May Day parade. Was I in the campus bookstore of a prominent state-supported university or in one of those cinderblock buildings with XXX Books & Adult Videos blinking in neon out front? I digress….

What really struck me though was observing the student population as it moved around and about. I meandered around the main campus to several areas that seemed to be primary intersections for student pedestrian traffic on this April Saturday.

Other than the Spring Football game later that afternoon there were no organized protest rallies or those legendary “candlelight vigils” that this campus is so well-known for. I was seeing undergraduate students going to and fro on mundane errands. As random a cross-section as one might slice out to study.

Obviously all I could detect were the physical gender manifestations of male and/or female. Individuals’ desires to be otherwise were not apparent. I knew from general knowledge that UNC has a 65-35% ratio of females to males. That seems to fit what I was seeing.

Further subdividing by race or country of origin was statistically unremarkable at UNC. A similar observation over at Duke recently revealed a substantial % of “obviously not from around heres”. Not passing judgment mind you….. just saying what I was seeing.

A long-held UNC stereotype of frat boys and sorority girls in tribal costumes performing long held courting / mating rituals was decidedly in the minority.

Socio-cultural trends are ever-evolving. I was not surprised NOT to see how BobLee described how it was “in his day”. That a high % of UNC alumni are stuck in a time warp from how it was “in their day” was glaringly apparent.

Methinks those Carolina alums wrapped in their “how I remember it” from the 60-70s, even 80s security blanket, need a healthy dose of RE-ality circa 2013. ……. from James Bond to Justin Beiber !!!

As noted, what finally dawned on me after several hours was the decided lack of testosterone on the UNC campus. If one sees UNC’s campus as a barnyard and the students as poultry….. the 35% roosters were not very roostery at all. It was as if someone was mainlining saltpeter into these males.

“Saltpeter in the mashed potatoes” has long been a myth (or not) as a way to control the overt masculination of young males. This was different. Are they having a sale on castration knives in that student store?

This was like the end of One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest after Randall Patrick McMurphy has been lobotomized. He was still technically alive but the “life” had been cut out of him. He was reduced to a docile asexual humanoid.

The young males I was seeing had no swagger…. no traditional male mannerisms…. …. no “boys being boys” which, apparently, is exactly what the folks now running UNC@CH want to genetically remove from them through all available means at their disposal – subliminally and overtly:

The end result = asexual humorless gender-less androids. If testosterone was sand, there is not enough of it on the UNC@CH campus to fill a litter box.

Extract the several hundred male athletes on campus and you would not have enough testosterone at UNC@CH to fill a He’s Not Here “go cup”.

Is what I describe above “bad”? Obviously not from the point of view of those actively engineering it.

They believe their mission is noble and quite necessary. Large-scale hands-on social engineering must be exhilarating to those self-assigned as its puppeteers. I hear Himmler, Eichman and Mengele really enjoyed it.

If I had a son and was contemplating where I might want him to matriculate; I would be very very wary of UNC@CH based on what I observed on Saturday. This seems to go well beyond stereotype political posturing…. an ivy-covered laboratory dedicated to the production of asexual Stepford Boys.

I had the opportunity later in the day to share my observations with three UNC coeds. The three coeds were “old school attractive”. They smiled, looked at each other and said….. “Mr AgentPierce you nailed it.”

They then stabbed a stake thru the heart of every UNC@CH man and boy going back to Hinton James……. Three pretty UNC coeds said:

“The boys over at State are a lot better!”

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