Abusive College Faculty Can Now Be Fired ?

April07/ 2013

Those 8,000,000,000 Chinese ARE aware that Rutgers basketball coach (and AD) was fired after being videotaped being very abusive not to mention the ubiquitous “homophobic slur”. ….. It’s 2013 and “slurs” and being mean (especially on tape) are “get a rope” offenses for sure. Now lets go after those OTHER nasty abusive folks on college payrolls. – The nutjob academaniacs.

Do those Chinese know that Rutgers was in Piscataway, New Jersey? Rutgers now says it is located in New Brunswick. It hasn’t moved but we know how academics do love to rewrite history. Maybe Mr Piscataway owned slaves or once muttered “a slur” so his town doesn’t get to claim Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey.

Rutgers is named for Henry Rutgers – a Revolutionary War “hero”. Henry was honored as the school’s namesake “for his Christian values” (uh oh !) and because he gave the school a $200 bell ??? It’s on Wikipedia, it must be right.

If Henry Rutgers ever slurred or voted Republican we don’t know. Probably not or “they” would have changed their name by now for sure.

You may know “Rutgers” from another sports-related slur scandal back in 2007 when Don Imus referred to their women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos”. That cost Don Imus his job for a few days and, with this latest slur scandal, makes Rutgers America’s #1 most “slurred” college at least as relates to slurs and basketball.

You saw the tape….. I saw the tape….. all the Chinese saw the tape. You might have been HORRIFIED….. unless you have ever either (1) played competitive sports or (2) been in the military or (3) worked for a coupla of the jackasses I worked for back in the 70-80s.

As I say up above…. I have no problem with the dude getting axed. Or his AD getting axed for not axing him back in December. It’s 2013 and it’s on a college campus. “A College campus” in today’s topsy turvy Yeee Haaa society is more dangerous than The Ho Chi Minh Trail at the height of Tet…… UNLESS one is a screamin’ meany liberal arts nutjob professor.

Nutjob professors on college campuses can, apparently, not only “be abusive” but can use “ideological slurs” towards non-liberal students who dare to express political points of view contrary to the views of the aforementioned nutjob classroom crazy. Such bizarre behavior is conveniently overlooked by college administrators; who, coincidentally, usually share the same extremist political opinions as their extremist faculty.

I’ve never heard of an extremist nutjob instructor throwing a basketball at a student but that is likely more of a case of basketballs not being handy when the screamin’ nutjob is erupting.

We do know of numerous instances where “slurs” were “hurled” that, while not homophobic, were intended to demean and insult the not-a-liberal student under attack. Apparently only slurs related to gender, race or sexual preferences (or types of hair – i.e.”nappy) are firing offenses. Yes…. the people who made that rule are the ones who hurl the socio-cultural political slurs.

Students being terrorized in front of their peers by extremist nutjob professors is certainly not new…. and not rare. It goes on every day on liberal arts college campuses. And college administrators will never take steps to stop it. …… But it is appropriate to bring the subject up at times like this.

As for “extreme behavior” by college sports coaches….. I have witnessed as bad and worse than Rutgers over the years. What went on in The Spring of 1967 at UNC makes “Rutgers” look like a church picnic.

When Bill Dooley replaced Jim Hickey as UNC’s Football Coach he instituted a “boot camp” that was specifically designed to “run off” as many of the student-athletes he was inheriting as possible. If they “quit” it gave his program more available scholarships to give to student-athletes he wanted…… the physical punishment was MUCH worse than “the Rutgers video” and there was aplenty of “slurring” going on.

The practice of “culling the herd” using whatever means necessary was popular “back then” and still goes on in college sports today. But every fan is certain “not at my school of choice”.

The student-athletes who are subjected to this harsh treatment don’t like it. “It builds ‘character’ “ is a myth. The psychological traumas can last a lifetime. But it goes on nevertheless. ….. just like the emotional trauma being doled out in campus classrooms.

So long as the intellectual elite academicians are allowed to run these asylums unsupervised they will continue to be carnival sideshows where absurdity is the norm and administrators purposely turn a blind eye to the abject foolishness that abounds.

When it is a private institution it is “private”. When it is a state-owned institution one would think there might be more accountability…… one would think.

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