Da Klan, Lynchin’ and Ol’ BELO

February20/ 2013

The Daily Caller has discovered hard-core race-hate literature containing the NAACP logo and distributed in Charlotte on Election Day. We’re talking all the usual Lynch & Klan imagery we’ve come to expect from the Obama media camp. My first thought – “Does BELO have an alibi?” My second thought – “How come McClatchy’s papers haven’t reported this?” …….

My third thought was: Did they really need this after four years of non-stop race demogoguing from GangObama and his media flunkies?

The link to the “Mitt, Lynchin & The Klan” is at the bottom of this column.

For the record: There is nothing “funny” about The Ku Klux Klan and their atrocities. There’s nothing “funny” about racial hatred from any perspective. But flaming demagoguery by peanutty race-baiters….. yeah, I think THAT is incredibly foolish.

If you first met yours truly “AgentPierce” in that toxic combat zone known as The News & Observer reader comment boards you surely recall my frequent mud-wrestling rock-throwing jousts with that ol’ scallywag “BELO”.

In what passes for the “real world” in 2013, I know “BELO” and he knows “AgentPierce”. We have shared ‘cue & puppies on numerous occasions. I finally grew weary of him claiming all my kin folks were cross-burning, lynchin’ Ku Kluxers so we discontinued our version of an Algonquin Roundtable. Heck, I even explained that all my ancestors were “yellow-dog Democrats” (True) but he raged on.

“BELO” and “AgentPierce” came together thru a local media executive hoping for some sort of groundbreaking “Dialogue in Black & White”. We are of the same age, both native North Carolinians, and both came of age in “the 60s” on different sides of the Civil Rights Movement. Interesting concept for a dialogue.

I enjoyed our chats over several months for the most part until the repetitive drone of his “All Republicans are in da Klan” just became boring. Whenever I see any reference to “da Klan” I see BELO’s snarling maw spewing it out.

I asked him in an early conversation – “Given that there is obviously still a racial divide in America, going back to the mid-60s, what would you “do differently” over these past 50 years to achieve a better result?”

He apparently had never given “that” much thought. …. huummm. He had been smack dab in the middle of much of “the movement” in the 60-70s and knew personally many of the leading figures in “the movement”. But no retrospective hindsight had occurred to him.

He was much more interested in what I labeled Reparation-speak – all that was still owed the black community because – me and all my white Republican buddies “had lynched so many of his people”. YIKES!

I proposed several versions of “teach’em how to fish instead of givin’em just enough fish to subsist on”; but he didn’t much care for that approach. His was more of the classic “give us cause you owe us and then give us lots more” attitude.

I asked him once “how many more decades before that Great Society is gonna kick-in?” He didn’t respond. Once, I was gonna get into “How come the Democrats keep your people on the welfare plantation?” but it was his turn to buy lunch and I resisted the urge.

He had particular venom for several locally prominent Conservatives about whom’s evils he expounded with great passion. I offered to arrange a face-face meet with the eeeevil “them” but he was not interested. He already “knew what they were all about”. YIKES… Again.

So, you can see how I immediately could imagine BELO going door-to-door in Charlotte’s AfAm community handing out “Mitt…..Klan” garbage. He has all that racially-inflammatory rhetoric down-pat. In fact he has it so down-pat Bill Barber let him rant from the stage at one of Bill’s Media Circuses.

I contacted BELO as soon as I saw the Daily Caller piece on the Charlotte flyers. BELO claims It is totally bogus. I am sure no such fliers ever existed. YIKES a third time. “Sure” is a flexible term with BELO. When he says “bogus” I immediately think “birth certificate”….. I bet you do too!

Apparently, from the BELOvian perspective, the folks who run The Daily Caller are also lyin’ lynchin’ Ku Kluxers along with EVERY Republican and all my yellow-dog Democrat kin-folk. Who knew?

I also asked that “media executive” who got me and BELO together “how come your newspaper company (with a big office in Charlotte) hasn’t reported on this?” As of this writing, I’ve haven’t gotten a reply from him on that. But he did remark that “You and BELO have an interesting relationship”. Yep.

BELO has invited me to lunch again but I declined, telling him “I don’t have a clean sheet to wear”.
He thought that was funny, I think. Proving…..

BELO and AgentPierce DO have something in common….. I thought it was funny too.

The Daily Caller story on the “those fliers”.

REPEATING For the record: There is nothing “funny” about The Ku Klux Klan and their atrocities. There’s nothing “funny” about racial hatred from any perspective. But flaming demagoguery by peanutty race-baiters….. yeah, I think THAT is incredibly foolish.

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