Dr Aldona Wos – A New Jones Street Hero

February07/ 2013

Choosing sides among the pols, staff and assorted wee-bee hangers-on along Jones Street is easy. If I don’t know the person personally, I wait to see who The N&O (and WRAL) journo-assassins target to trash with the most “rabid vigor”. Their targets become “my kinda guys & gals”. New HHS Secretary Aldona Wos (“Voss”) is Officially “My kinda lady”. Like-minds are gonna like her a lot too. The pointy-teethed vipers on the Loonie Left – not so much.

Dr. Wos – the REAL kind (M.D.), not the faux kind in academia (Ph.D) – has the type of kick-butt solid Curriculum Vitae that the faux-intellectual lefty bunch would trade all their carbon credits and Priuses for.

Dr. Aldona Wos’ CV (CLICK)

Dr. Wos has actually DONE a heckuva lot of really worthwhile stuff but didn’t bother to tell Madame O and the hags @ The View about it. She’s exactly the type of legitimate high achiever that Libs (especially she-Libs) despise.

Did I tell you that Dr. Aldona Wos is Polish. Holy Lech Walensa Batman.

PatMc picked Dr Wos to clean out North Carolina’s “Augean Stables” otherwise known as Dept of Health & Human Services.

PatMc’s admonition to Dr Wos was “do whatcha gotta do to clean up that gawd-awful bureaucratic swamp”. OK, I paraphrased PatMc’s charge to Dr. Wos just a tad, but not much of a tad.

The Democs had long used HHS as their maximum security holding tank for the most totally incompetent state employees they could scrounge up. If a SEANC lifer couldn’t hack it in DMV or DOT or any other silly unionized loonie bin, they got “josephined” into HHS to molt forever on the taxpayers’ dollar.

Other state employee union slugs make HHS employee jokes. It had gotten “that bad”.

So….. Dr Wos walked thru her new assignment recently and quickly saw that both “Health” and “Human” were “in name only” in her department. So she did what Real Leaders do ….. Fix the freakin’ problem!

Dr Wos is preparing to lower the boom….. and the journo-assassins and staunch crusaders for government waste and inefficiency immediately knee-jerked.

Here’s the story in “what’s left of a” local newspaper. Dr Wos is simply proposing that her department adopt a professional image and efficient workplace standards. ….. OHMYGAWD !!! “How awful” screech the SEANC wee-bees and their media henchmen. How Awful INDEED.

A recent unannounced tour of several DHHS offices was like turning on the kitchen light at 3:00 AM and watching the cockroaches scramble. A squalid mess allowed to grow and fester by 20+ years of Democratic executive mismanagement.


From N&O – Under The Dome 2/6/13:
DHHS dress-code policy spells out what’s OK and what’s grounds for dismissal
Dome isn’t sure if this is part of the Republican takeover of state government or not. But on Monday state Department of Health and Human Services employees were given a formal department-wide dress-code policy for the first time.

The policy memo by human resources director Kathleen Gruer informs DHHS workers: “Personal appearance and hygiene play an important role in projecting a professional image in the community and to DHHS’ customers.”

It goes on to advise “Daily grooming and bathing are required. Clothing should be clean, pressed and in good condition (i.e., no holes, frays, tears, dangling threads, etc.).”

The policy defines business attire (wing tips and loafers are OK for men; dress shoes, sandals, boots or flats for women, for example). Casual Fridays for executives and supervisors allow blazers, Dockers-style twill pants and polo shirts for guys; “dressy capris” no shorter than mid-calf or skirts for gals (no penalty for fashion violations).

And there’s a long list of what not to wear, including provocative clothing, T-shirts, tube tops, mini-skirts, denim, underwear as outerwear, beach wear, evening wear, hats or flip-flops.

There are a lot of employees in DHHS – about 17,000 – and they do a lot of different jobs. A spokeswoman said Tuesday the policy simply sets general guidelines for workers to use common sense.

But HQ isn’t’ taking it lightly. Violations can send an employee home on their own time to change, and can lead to two warnings and a third, fire-able offense


I’m sure Dr Wos will employ “common sense” in applying her new proposal (and the many proposals sure to follow). “Common sense” – an antiquated term unknown to N&O, WRAL or other species of Lib/Dem creepy-crawlies.

Expecting her department’s employees to look and behave in a professional manner. … MORE RADICAL POLICIES by PatMc and Dr Wos. You Go Lady! We’re going to be following Dr, Wos’ “cleaning of the HHS stables”. The media dumpster-divers will be too…. but our version will be “the Truth”.

With The General Assembly now in session, the local Left-Wing Media Mob will be posting new “twist & trash” stories every day attacking Governor McCrory, Thom Tillis, Phil Berger and any/all Repub officials. Led, as always, by whats left of The N&O and Jim Goodmon’s attack dogs at WRAL. For “the other side” there’s no better News Aggregator than AgentPierce’s good friends at Carolina Plott Hound (CPH).

CPH collects stories from across the state….. stories that McClatchy and Goodmon’s gang will either ignore or obfuscate to their far-left Obamic agenda. Bookmark Carolina Plott Hound and check it throughout the day….. it is constantly updated.

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