Blowback To McCrory University

February05/ 2013

This is too easy (and funny as all get-out). Predicting how liberals will react, in general, is easy enough. Predicting the academaniac wing of their funny farm is “shooting fish in a barrel” easy. Recently Gov PatMc made a passing reference to “higher education” in a radio interview and UNC’s Franklin Street immediately erupted in a street riot – Yeee Hahahaha. Grab your votive candle. Its time to “vigil”. Oh Me! Oh My! …….

It was NOT Pat McCrory’s State Of The State Address.
It was NOT a called press conference.
It was NOT addressing the eeeeevil NCGOP.
It was NOT a clandestine meet with Tillis & Berger.
It was NOT a personal email to Billy Barber (yikes!)
Heck, it was NOT even a coded missive to eeeeevil Art Pope.

It WAS an impromptu response to a question among many questions in a radio interview. An interview that very few if any one would have ever heard, much less gone into cardiac arrest over….. UNLESS: you are a hair-trigger UNC academic hanging onto the ledge of reality by a fingernail.

PatMc’s casual response to “an education question” was that he thought the emphasis among NC’s state-supported universities should be primarily focused on preparing young people to compete in the job market. He felt that state dollars should be allocated with that objective as a priority. It was, at best, a casual opinion; not an executive order.

Pat McCrory did NOT say he was anti-Latin or anti-Shakespeare or anti-Hemingway or even anti-Maya freakin’ Angelou for goodness sakes. He was NOT calling for Catcher In The Rye to be banned….. or for Uncle Remus to be reinstated. Or even that Atlas Shrugged be a mandatory read.

Pat McCrory did NOT decry “Renaissance learning for the sake of learning”. I don’t know PatMc (yet) but I bet you he likes “learning” and enjoys being in the company of fascinating folks in stimulating conversation. I certainly do. All my crazy right-wing fanatic friends do too. I’ve even heard a certain demonic radio host with initials “RL” like Learning too. NOOO WAY? Yes, way.

BUT – KABOOM went the loonies in Chapel Hill….. and the fall-out is still falling out.

You’d a thought PatMc had decreed that their basketball palace be renamed CoachK Coliseum….. or that Silent Sam be replaced with a statue of Ronnie Reagan….. or that UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences be replaced with a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center…… instructing “young skulls full of mush” in the applicable arts of hanging sheetrock, repairing HVAC systems or adjusting a carburetor. Nope…. PatMc did NOT mention any of those valuable life skills.

“Academaniacs of the warpath” are, alas, like toothpaste squeezing out of a tube – easy enough to get it out….. next to impossible to de-squeeze. The UNC faculty squirrels are now in full riot mode and the votive candle demand in Orange County is nearing critical mode.

Faculty squirrels traditionally react to any imaginary threat to their imaginary world by (1) holding a candlelight vigil and then (2) firing off venomous tirades to their media henchmen. In this case that be the local McClatchy (failing) enterprise – The N&O – and to their TV counterpart – WRAL. Oh, and their media henchmen give them a big hug and join their silly vigil…. because they hate Governor McCrory even more than the academaniacs do.

Here’s one of the most Yeee-haaaiest …… so far. They tend to feed on one another so each succeeding venomous tirade amps up toxicity from its predecessors.


(NOTE: We never link directly to N&O because…. we don’t like them. So we don’t give them “views”!)

If your immediate reaction is “these sumbitches are nutz” then you’ve pretty well grasped the situation. Actually these particular sumbitches are “tenured nutz” .

PatMc has brought up some interesting discussion topics that will be batted about in the upcoming Legislative session. Whether or not any substantive changes are enacted is yet to be seen. Likely a tweak or two at most but don’t tell the rompin’ stompin’ loonies.

Personally, I like the thought that every graduate of UNC-CH might (1) know how to change a tire…. or (2) identify a Phillips-head screwdriver. Alas, I’m not sure there are any current faculty members over at my alma mater (!!) that are capable of teaching either skill.

PS: Q: AgentPierce, what has been the reaction at “the other 15” branches of the UNC System?
…… A: Pretty much it’s been “Huh? This is silly. I’ve got a class to teach.”

Like pretty much every nutty over-reaction to anything, this is “a Flagship issue”.


The following is an email sent to a NCGenAssem member this week by some UNC nitwit calling itself “Jen Job”:

Dear Rep. XXXXXX,
I started a petition to you on titled Protect liberal arts classes at UNC. So far, the petition has 12,242 total signers, 108 of whom are constituents of yours.

You can email all of your constituents who have signed the petition by clicking here: XXXXXXXXXXX

The petition states:

“Governor McCrory: Stop your effort to dismantle UNC system liberal arts programs. UNC includes top-tier institutions attended by students from all over the world, in part because of its diverse and rigorous coursework. Give UNC the respect it deserves and keep your politics out of it.” (AP: What a pile o’ crap !!!)

To download a PDF file of all your constituents who have signed the petition, including their addresses, click this link: XXXXXXXXX

Thank you.

–Jen Job

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