Speciale vs Barber – The REAL Story

February01/ 2013

HEY, HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT that eeeeevil Republican that insulted Reverend Bill Barber ??? I bet “what you heard/read” was either from WRAL…. or picked up from them by local “mainstream media” around the state. What you heard/read was exactly what Bill Barber and his media cronies wanted you to think. In other words TYPICAL BARBER MEDIA CRAP! ….. Here’s what really happened……

“The Reverend” Barber sent out a mass e-mail this week to all the members of the NC General Assembly extolling his race-hustling agenda re: The Voter ID issue. Barber is totally within his “rights” to do that. You could do the same on some issue you are passionate about and want to influence legislators on. That is exactly what eeeeevil lobbyists do. Reverend Barber is a lobbyist (boo hiss, yuck – “eeeeevil lobbyist!!) on issues involving the NC NAACP. The N&O says “all lobbyists are eeeevil”…… EXCEPT their boy Bill Barber of course. Huh??

The e-addresses of every state legislator are available in a directory that any citizen can procure. That Barber has those addresses in a database he can access is fine.

I have no problem whatsoever with Barber bombarding elected officials with his vitriolic race-baiting propaganda. That is what he is does for a living. How Barber is “paid” for what he does is often obfuscated. I don’t care. Maybe he won the lottery or maybe his mamma or grandmamma had a buncha money. Maybe he extorts $$$ from corporations by threatening to “call them racist” if they don’t pay his extortion demands. That’s how Jesse Jackson amassed his fortune. I don’t care. Barber has money from somewhere to run his race-hustling scams.


Let me stop a minute here….. I employ satire and humor in my commentaries. The Reverend Bill Barber is a political satirist dream come true. The man weighs in the neighborhood of 500 lbs. Yes, I’ve been within 10’ of the man as his ever-present phalanx of handlers maneuvered him in the specially-designed van he travels in due to his exceptional size. If you see the man in person or on video on in a file photo you cannot ignore his HUGENESS.

I do not know why the man weighs in excess of 500 lbs. Does he “have a thyroid problem” or simply an enormous appetite and zero will power. I don’t know. He always dresses in black on his very frequent public appearances. Maybe his size and overall appearance is “some religious thing”. Maybe he’s a big Johnny Cash fan? Again, I don’t know.

When opponents of Reverend Barber talk/write about him, and/or his latest race-baiting grandstanding antics de jour , they ALWAYS include snide references to his size. To imply, I suppose, that his enormous size is somehow relevant to his aforementioned grandstanding race-baiting antics de jour. I think that is grossly unfair to other people who weigh 500 lbs and dress all in black who are not race-hustlers. I think Barber’s very odd appearance is irrelevant to the real issue.

Other nationally-known grandstanding race-baiters like Rev Al Sharpton or Rev Jesse Jackson or Malik Zulu Shabazz are not 500 lbs and dressed all in black. (NOTE: I once met Shabazz. He is A REAL ‘piece o’ work. HIS ever-present phalanx of handlers wear para-military uniforms and all are about Ray Lewis’ size. )

Heck, all these race-hustlers are over-the-top caricatures in one way or the other. Somehow a goofy carny sideshow appearance is considered de rigeur with their constituents. There’s no accounting for cultural tastes I suppose. Eccentric appearance works for Lady GaGa, Boy George, Tammi Faye Bakker and Carrot Top…. why not Bill Barber?

Anyhoo, I’m not going to do Bill Barber “fat jokes” here. Yes, on an N&O comment board I did once refer to him as “Bill The Buffet-Buster” or “Golden Corral’s Worse Nightmare” but I’m not doing that anymore. It detracts from the more important issue of his race-hustling grandstand antics.


So back to this LATEST media firestorm that Barber and his media honchos ignited today.

Newly-elected State Representative Michael Speciale (R-Craven) received Barber inflammatory diatribe e-mail. Rep Speciale replied to the e-mail sender just as we all do with email every day. The primary purpose of Speciale’s reply was to be asked ro be removed from Barber email-spaming. Speciale’s doesn’t realize that Barber simply thumbs his sizable nose at all such requests.

Michael Speciale DID NOT hold a fist-pounding rally outside the General Assembly. Like Barber is forever doing.

He DID NOT mount a soap box figuratively or literally to reply to Barber.

He DID NOT issue a press release to The General Assembly press corps.

Heck, he DID NOT call Rush Limbaugh or go on Fox News to rage against Bill Barber …….

Michael Speciale simply sent his thoughts back to the FROM of the e-mail. The contents of his reply have become “the news of the day” because of Bill Barber and his media cohorts …… NOT because of any public action of Michael Speciale or his staff or the Republican caucus or Thom Tillis or Pat McCrory…. or Rush Limbaugh or FoxNews.

Michael Speciale DID NOT “publicly insult” this race-hustling grandstanding clown. Bill Barber used Michael’s personal email to publicly insult himself via his latest media stunt… and falsely accuse Michael Speciale. It’s a stunt Barber has pulled before with the sycophantic cooperation of his media cohorts.

The INSULT here is by Bill Barber and his media henchmen led by WRAL and inflicted upon the citizens of North Carolina of all races.

One man replied to an unsolicited email he received from Bill Barber. He didn’t even bcc or copy anyone. He just replied to the FROM:…. which is EXACTLY what Bill Barber hoped he would do.

I don’t know about you but I reply to emails 100s of times each day. But Laura Leslie (aka “The Goodmons”’ designated dumpster-diver at WRAL-TV5) and the equally loathsome uber-liberal journo-hacks still employed at McClathy’s local operation – The N&O, do not use my replies as “above-the-fold” lead-stories. Maybe they will some day. I do know they usually read my columns. Hi Laura. Hi RobRielleWho. Hi “Johnny Reb” Frank. Hi Perry K. Hi Chris Fitzzy. Those journo-assassins turned Michael Speciale’s email reply to Bill Barber into ANOTHER sympathy story for their favorite race-hustling grandstander – Bill Barber.

Just the latest in a very long list of such media services WRAL and others graciously provide for their buddy Bill Barber.

Bill Barber was overjoyed to receive Michael Speciale’s email reply. It was what he was trolling for….. something he could immediately turn over to his media cohorts to use in their 24/7 attack on Republicans, Conservatives and anyone not in lock-step with their hard left-wing agenda.

The lesson here….. IGNORE BILL BARBER. Never acknowledge his existence. Race-baiting grandstanders like Barber are “trees falling in the woods”. Ignore them and they make no noise. Ignore them and they earned the total irrelevance they deserve. Ignore them and they go even further over-the ledge. They can’t stand being ignored.

I hope Michael Speciale “learned his lesson” about dealing with this cartoon character. This was Michael’s first week on the job. Had he had time to ask his fellow legislators they woulda told him…. “Oh, we always hit DELETE on anything we get from a Nigerian Banker…. or a grandstanding race-hustler.”

What Michael said in his now widely-circulated email (thanks to Barber and his media cronies) was absolutely on-point….. but, like a joke about Barber appearance doesn’t really advance the best interests of this state.

Nor, of course, does Reverend Bill Barber’s ceaseless race-hustling antics advance any cause except his own notoriety; but, hey, it’s how Bill Barber buys his groceries. Ooops, I did a Bill Barber grocery joke, Bad boy AgentPierce….. bad bad !!!!

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