Pat McCrory VS UNC Navelgazers

January29/ 2013

It didn’t take (Repub) Governor Pat McCrory long to take aim at a bitter enemy of any/all things “Not Liberal” – The University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill. Anyone who didn’t see this one coming has been in a coma for 50 years. Pat is going after the Franklin Street navel-gazers. This oughta be fun…..

Gov PMc is saying state-funding for “higher education” should be tied to the effectiveness of said institutions in preparing its students for the adult job markets.

“Some of the educational elite have taken over education, where we’re offering courses that have no chance of getting people jobs”.

….. Gov PMc might as well have been in the PNC last Saturday wearing Red&White and cheering GoPack. That statement of purpose won’t bother 15 of the 16 UNC campuses. It will send “The Flagship” into a full-blown conniption fit.

“The other 15” already do focus on “education for a real world application” whether its NC State with its renown Engineering & Agricultural Schools among others….. East Carolina producing teachers and other direct applications to the Downeast economy….. or UNC-W. UNC-G, UNC-A, Pembroke etc etc from Culhowee to Elizabeth City.

It’s no secret (except to a certain regional newspaper) that The UNC System has been firmly controlled since its inception by alumni of, and really really good friends of, that Chapel Hill branch of The System. The rotating 32 member UNC Brd of Governors are appointed by the NC General Assembly which, until two years ago, was firmly controlled by – ding ding ding – the Liberal Democrats.

Many of the GenAssem members had ties to UNC-CH as undergraduates or grad school especially its Law School. “The other 15” pretty much got “the leftovers” from any financial pie. Not that they were treated shabbily its just that UNC-CH was always “more equal” than all the rest. That began to change two years ago as a Republican-controlled GenAssem began appointing the UNC Brd of Gov members.

The UNC-CH super majority of UNC Brd of Gov members has already disappeared and will be even further balanced by the upcoming next round of appointments. Members rotate off of 8-year terms.

UNC-CH administration saw it’s vaunted “us first” status begin to disappear two years ago. That did not go over well in the Orange County academic enclave. Now the Chief Executive of The State is targeting their vaunted uber-liberal navel-gazing more specifically.

Make no mistake. UNC admins and faculty did NOT vote for Pat McCrory…. did not and do not “like” Pat McCrory….. and were not going to vote for or like him regardless of what he might say about them. Ergo, Pat has not lost one iota of support with this recent statement. He most surely HAS gained additional support from the sizable ABUNC-CH (AnyoneBut-UNC-CH) faction across the state.

For The Record: There ARE a few non-muddleheads among the UNC Brd of Trustees. I know that for a FACT. No, I can’t reveal them. They would get their campus parking stickers revoked if I did.

While each UNC campus has a handful of navel-gazing curricula. UNC-CH’s curriculum cup runneth-over with a veritable Saturday Night Live skit of “what that heck do you do with a degree in _______” courses of study.

The ratio of real courses to really silly courses is reversed at UNC-CH to what it is at “the other 15”. A fact UNC-CH’s faculty snoots have long bragged about.

Among the most often examples of “whattayoudowith” curriculum are African American Studies and Gender Studies ??? The recent scandal re: UNC-CH’s AfAm Dept hasn’t helped in this regard. That the newly appointed AfAm Dept head is an avowed Communist probably won’t go over well on Jones Street either.

UNC-CH’s legendary “faculty snoots” have long looked down their patrician noses at “the other 15” as glorified community colleges. Uh oh…. probably shouldna done that “snoots”.

The nasty blowback at The Governor from “the UNC snoots” will be more predictable than a Woody Durham broadcast.

Gov PMc has just said that he thinks “the other 15” should get first dibs on future state funds since they make a more quantitatively measurable contribution to the state.

To which there will be a very very loud HARRUMPH emanating from Chapel Hill.

We’ll be following this closely in the weeks to come. Gov PMc’s Democratic predecessors (even Dumplin’ The Twit) have traditionally received VIP seating at The Dean Dome. That likely ain’t gonna happen for Pat now….. “McCrory” will about as popular a name on Franklin Street as Nyang’oro or Krzyzewski. Ouch!

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