The DNC Economic Impact Scam

January28/ 2013

Want to know how to rob a bank? Ask a bank robber. Want to know how to run a tourism “economic impact” scam. Ask someone who was an insider in the “economic Impact” scam bizness for twenty years. Conveniently for you – that be ME! ….. Charlotte officials are saying they realized $163,000,000 from Lord Obama’s Shindig back in September…. suuuure they did (wink, wink, giggle, giggle)…..

I have no doubt that a LOT of hotel rooms were occupied and a lot of meals eaten and rental cars rented and strip clubs visited when GangObama came to Mecklenburg for the DNC. I’m also sure as “God…. little green apples” that the REAL positive impact to Greater Charlotte was nowhere near what is being touted.

Put aside that Democrats “lie” because their altruistic motives always justify (ne’ REQUIRE) their lying. It’s not lying when a liberal Democrat does it – it’s doing what you gotta do because the truth will get you in real trouble. To the Democrat political ruling class it is always what Slick Willie said….. “the definition of “is”?

For Black Democrats the “right” to out&out lie is somehow tied to reparations for slavery. It’s The Kunte Kente Rule. Re-watch Roots. It’s explained in the episode with Chicken George (aka Ben Vereen). White Democrats don’t have that “right”. They just do (lie) because they are “soooo intellectual” dontchaknow. Huh??? I know. It doesn’t make any sense. Just accept it.

A very prominent Black Democrat told me that Kunte Kente Rule. He was bragging about it. I wouldn’t make up something like that.

DNC officials in cahoots with Charlotte Mayor Anthony “Barack Jr” Foxx could have released this report before the convention was even held. Hellfire, I coulda guessed within $1.58 what their “aren’t you impressed” number would be. It would be an odd number and intended to thoroughly impress thse coveted “low information voters” that Mayor Foxx & Friends rely on.

Want to know how this scam works? Watch an episode of House Of Lies on Showtime. The show involves a high dollar “management consulting” firm and how they scam their clients into paying them absurd amounts of money to blow smoke up their butts. They view their clients as “gullible sheep” and they (the consultants) are the fleecers. Tourism Research firms are fleecers.

Charlotte / DNC used an “internationally renown” Tourism Research firm – Tourism Economics. I don’t know these guys but I’ve known plenty of their ilk. These guys did the impact of The London Olympics so they must be good. Why? Because it was The London Olympics? Oh….. lets move on.

It’s all Smoke & Mirrors and they bill the client for the mirrors.

Brief Aside: I was an executive in the “big-time fancy convention hotel” business and the convention bureau business for twenty years. I’ve been in numerous closed-door meetings where “projected economic impact” numbers were made up….. and in post-convention wrap-ups where “actual economic impact” figures were made up. The primary rule in either case was (1) always make it an odd number not divisible by five and (2) make it A LOT. If the first projection is not high enough – withdraw and present an even more inflated one. Eventually you get them a WOW number. It’s the reverse of how a used-car salesman works but the ethics are the same.

Rule #1 also applies when falsifying expense reports from business travel as every corporate middle manager quickly learns.

Any convention planner negotiating with a city to bring their “lots of people with lots of $$$$ burning holes in the pockets” to that city will have a very very impressive EI number to throw on the table in order to get hotel rate concessions as well as any/all other facility/service needs they might envision. They sorta/kinda “promise” to use X number of hotel rooms in order to get the most favorable group rate. Those bazillion occupied room totals never materialize. They were bogus from the get-go.

We always operated on a 20-30% pure BS factor. If the convention involved certain minority groups the BS factor could be as high as 50-60%. It’s all a scam sorta like a carnival midway. The convention guys get all sorts of price reductions and concessions based on projections that are always unbelievably inflated.

And then….. after the fact the flim flamming city officials have to justify why they “gave away the house” so they release an after-event report that headlines some Gianormous $$$$ amount that – TAAA DAAAA – impresses folks who don’t know no better. The average gullible rube cannot envision any amount of $$$$ that can’t fit in an aluminum brief case which is usually around $500,000 if one uses $1,000 bills. You could get a million in if they made $2,000 bills.

The local yokels who get scammed the worse are small event/party planner businesses who operate on very slim margins and staff up to meet volume demands that, of course, never materialize. Who cares….. small business never have any clout with “the suits” who run the show for “the city”.

Mayor Anthony “Barack Jr” Foxx is so thrilled with this silly bogus report he is now talking about bidding for THE FREAKIN’ OLYMPICS. A Super Bowl is, of course, a given.

Tourism Economics is submitting a bid to supply Mayor Foxx with both pre & post “economic impact” figures for “anything you want Anthony”. So long as your check clears.


PS: Q: AgentPierce, is this scam similar to the one city officials employ when they want to slam taxpayers to build “a state-of-the-art” Convention Center to “make us an international destination city”. A: Not exactly. That scam runs about 120 more pages and the report weighs at least three more pounds. Otherwise, yes it’s the same.

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