It’s PROFESSOR Dum(b)plin Now… bwahaha

January23/ 2013

No sooner did we tell you about that fire-breathing hammer&sickle waving commie in Chapel Hill then WHAMMO….. another example of academic lunacy pops up. Our favorite gubernatorial punchline– Bevie “Dumplin” Perdue has finagled a teaching gig at Haaaavard. Yeah verily Professor Dumplin’ will be imparting the wisdom gained from being “the most unpopular and ineffective governor in America from 2008-2012”. ……

Dumplin Goes To Harvard…. (LINK)

Obviously I don’t have a positive opinion of Lil’ Dumplin’ nor of Haaaavard; so to me it’s a marriage of mutually delusional entities. They deserve one another. Both are firmly convinced they “matter” because ….. well because they say so that’s why.

Who better to lecture on ineffective government than its “poster girl” for the past four years – the twinkle-toed twit from New Bern.

Whats next from the “Are You Kidding Me” department?
….. Mussolini teaching strategy at France’s War College?
….. Jeffrey Dahlmer with his own show on Food Network?
….. Jeremiah Wright subbing for Joel Osteen?
….. Joe Biden being Vice President ….. oops; that actually happened!
….. Viet Nam Fraud John Kerry as Secty of Stte ….. another oops. 🙁
….. Manti Te’o becoming CEO of

Do I “worry” about those empty skulls of mush being tainted by whatever mindless babble this goober-ette might impart? Not really. Harvard is overflowing with self-righteous peacocks in love with their bathroom mirror….. and all living in dread of ever having to quantitatively justify their existence. Whats one more ant at that pompous picnic?

Here’s a head-scratcher for you….
Chris Washburn…. Marvin Austin…. and Dumplin’ Perdue ??
Which one least deserved to be on a college campus without delivering a pizza?

An undergraduate at Harvard is wading eye-ball high in faux-intellectual flatulence after their first week on campus. So Little Ms One & Done will be right at home. How much damage can one Dumplin’ do? Ouch….. North Carolina said that four years ago.

Was this payback for Dumplin’ quitting before the big Democ Convention in Charlotte so as not to further embarrass Lord Obama? Lord Obama has been known to “have special privileges at Harvard” ya know (wink wink).

OK…. I know you’re still trying to get past those Jeffrey Dahlmer and Manti Te’o zingers. You can reread’em later. Lets get done with this.

This Harvard silliness was not a complete surprise. My inside sources had alerted me a few weeks ago. Sure, I was holding out that Lil’ D would catch on as a flight attendant at BuzzyAir out of New Bern….. or open a Rice Krispy Treats kiosk in University Mal in Chapel Hill. She still may.

Of course lets not count out UNC creating some totally superfluous faculty slot for Bev at some point. “Dean Dumplin” has a nice ring to it. A faculty that already includes anarchists, atheists, pervs, GLTBs, commies, and Gene Nichol can always find room for a Dumplin’…… at tax-payer expense OF COURSE.


JUST IN: Not to be out done; Yale has just announced that they have signed Lennay Kekua as Professor of Internet Catfishing.

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