A(nother) Communist At UNC…. yawn…

January23/ 2013

There is a new Dept Chair for AfAM Studies at UNC-CH – replacing the most infamous “guy named Nyang’oro” in school history. “Uncle Julius” was unknown to 99% of us before his long-running academic flim flam became front page fodder for most of 2012. His replacement – Eunice Sahle – therefore would likely indoctrinate in relative obscurity were she not replacing HIM. She would simply be just another self-proclaimed hard-core angry Communist on the UNC faculty…. nothing new about that. ……

Jay Schalin’s well-researched piece on Professor Comrade Sahle is linked at the end of this column..

Those of you of the hard-line Lib/Dem persuasion can dispute Schalin’s well-researched commentary simply because (1) he is employed by a division of The John Locke Foundation….. or (2) accept the points he makes and say “so what”.

I choose a version of #2. That UNC employs self-proclaimed hard-core Communists and promotes them to positions of authority within the faculty is no surprise and nothing new. They have been doing so for decades and taking pride in the fact. I suppose there is a certain amount of “credit due” for them admitting the obvious.

There are far more anarchists and far-left radicals employed by UNC-CH than there are “banners in the rafters”. Now that “a bird of their same feather” is claiming a national mandate to completely dismantle and re-structure America to a Socialist/Communiist socio-economic model, the strutting and preening of academics like Professor Comrade Sahle and her ilk will increase exponentially.

Comrade Sahle has not been at all shy in proclaiming her “world view” over the years. No one in upline authority at UNC can say “OHMYGOSH we didn’t know….” Whatever the process is for selecting Department Chairs, it has to involve assorted senior administrators signing off on her selection including the Chancellor…. and possibly up to the Board of Governors too.

Appoint a hard-line commie as a Dept Head? Sure, why not? Whats for lunch?

Was she chosen BECAUSE of her radical world views? Was Harry Belafonte their 2nd choice?

I have no idea of the academic CV of any other candidates that were considered. I doubt any were Rotarians or Southern Baptists or FoxNews viewers. Does the Chapel Hill cable system even offer FNC as an option? Neither Clarence Thomas nor Allen West were on any short list.

It should be noted that in The Martin Report we learned that Dept Chairs at UNC are autonomous, at least Julius Nyang’oro was. He reported to NO ONE despite being under the Dean of College of Arts & Sciences on the org chart. He was totally autonomous. He could, and did, do whatever he damn pleased for over a decade. Wow…. say that out loud a few times and see if you blink. Wanna bet that Comrade Sahle made sure she has the same autonomy.

As I read about Comrade Sahle’s published world-views in Schalin’s column I admit some of the words and phrases were waaaay too “intellectual” for this ol’ right-winger. So I will assume the student-athletes who might sign-up for Sahle’s classes will likewise be baffled. That any of Roy’s “one or two and done” youngsters will leave UNC as card-carrying commies is unlikely. But I have no doubt that she is/will indoctrinate more than a few young minds….. as she has been doing at UNC for the past twelve years.

Is there anyone on the UNC faculty whose “world-view” perspective could be said to be on the opposing end of the ideological tetter-totter? Not that I am aware of. Therein lies the concern – the IMBALANCE of ideas at UNC-CH…..

UNC-CH’s well-deserved reputation as a bastion of uber-liberal politics and ideology is not a myth created by jealous rivals. It is as real as any sports accolades the institution boasts of. Maybe more so these days. You may choose not to think about that aspect of “Carolina”. It is not as warm & fuzzy as oft-told tales of raucous frat parties, Dook games, cramming for finals and cold pizza & warm beers…… but just because it is yucky doesn’t change the reality.

Hark The Sound of Comrade Sahle’s voice & views to the young minds enrolled at UNC-CH. Yes, Comrade Sahle IS paid with tax-payer dollars as an employee of The State of North Carolina. Aye ZiggaZoomba……. sigh, sob, sniff.


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