Hobson’s Choice of Liberal Media

January09/ 2013

I rail often about the overt partisan Hobson’s Choice reporting by the “mainstream” media across NC, especially in the Triangle-area. I have zero respect for the reporters and editors of McClatchy’s N&O and CharlotteObserver newspapers and for Jim Goodmon’s Capitol Broadcasting Co. (WRAL-TV5). They have turned partisan rumor-mongering and rampant hypocrisy into a profession. …… But I would NEVER advocate a boycott of them or of their advertisers. …….

The apocryphal “Mr Hobson” operated a livery stable. His customers could have their “choice” of any horse in his stable….. so long as they selected the one horse Hobson wanted them to take. A Hobson’s Choice means “no choice” at all. The way Jim Goodmon and McClatchy run their media stable.

The overt partisan bias of the “mainstream media” is no longer a debate. Sure, the mainstream media “suits” will still parrot the ancient line about separation of Op/Ed from News but they can’t do that with a straight face any longer.

As much as I truly dislike the man, Raleigh’s George Soros – Jim Goodmon – has publicly admitted his TV/radio entities will report the news as he wants it reported – supporting the overtly liberal ideology he now, in his waning years, espouses… and discrediting any/all Conservative principles and the politicians who espouses them.

And, on the print side, the N&O’s infamously well-earned rep as a house organ for local & state Democratic politics went on steroids during the recent election cycle. What was essentially a sorta-friendly wink-wink reality has now gone viral. McCatchy editors and reporters “took off the gloves” and went “balls to the walls” to defeat Republican candidates and policy initiatives on a daily basis.

It is testimony to their rapidly diminishing influence in both metro markets that they were overwhelmingly UN-successful in their efforts to do so.

As reported here on numerous occasions, Goodmon has hired two “investigative reporters” – Laura Leslie and Mark Binker – specifically to “dumpster dive” on Republican officials….. to expose and exaggerate the slightest improprieties and to insinuate (aka “make up”) improprieties if none can be found.

The lines have been drawn. The gauntlet has been thrown down. There is a declared “war” to sway the opinions of the general public. Baghdad Bob and Tokyo Rose Live!

Is Rush Limbaugh overtly partisan? Absolutely, as he has openly acknowledged since Day One over 23 years ago. Is FoxNews considerably more Conservative in its overall programming than other cable news networks. Certainly. Am I overtly partisan here on this site? Darn tootin’ I am. And I don’t parse words admitting it. That’s ONE major difference between “us” and “them”. The other major difference is:

I would NEVER advocate a McClatchy newspaper being “shut down” or the plug being pulled on a Goodmon radio/TV operation. I believe in the arena of ideas and the right of “the people” (even the now notorious “low information voter”) to make up their minds to the full menu of choices. Liberal media, on the other hand, give their aforementioned Hobson’s Choice to its readers/viewers.

I openly admit I do not/will not subscribe to the N&O nor do I contribute to its on-line “viewer totals”. There are various alternatives to anything I might learn from the N&O. CarolinaPlottHound.com being one such excellent alternative.

Likewise with WRAL-TV5 or its on-line vehicle. Again…. plenty of alternatives that do not overtly insult me on a daily basis.

If you choose to frequent these media sources, that’s your choice. If you consider yourself “Conservative”, then you are aiding and abetting “the enemy” pure and simple.

Do I want these entities to “fail”? Not in a business-sense but definitely to fail in an influential sense….. I want them to fail miserably and completely in “influencing public opinion”.

I would never advocate any sort of advertiser boycott. “Making it” in business today is damn hard. The local businesses that choose to buy advertising w/ the N&O or WRAL need every customer they can entice. Liberals do buy goods and services and represent a market. I would hope and encourage those advertisers would also consider “Conservative media” too in their ad choices.

But AgentPierce…. Liberals are always calling for boycotts of Rush’s show or FoxNews or Art Pope’s businesses, et al. They openly want “the government” to shut them down.

Yes, I know that. Liberals are always doing A LOT of things I would never do.

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