NC’s (Bottle) Blond Joke

December28/ 2012

North Carolina’s official (Bottle) Blond Joke” – Bev “Dumplin” Perdue called a press conference earlier this week to declare herself THE Greatest Female Governor in North Carolina’s history. “I’ve done a Great Job” Dumplin’ declared but (as she often does) neglected to remind the handful of dead-eyed media sycophants on-hand that she is also THE Most Unpopular Governor of any gender in North Carolina history. Bevie-poo is, of course, the ONLY female Governor in North Carolina history. ……

This vacuous Smerfette excuse for a chief executive of any of Obama’s 57 states, has provided her constituents an endless string of “she said WHATS” during her four year pratfall “in the mansion”.

The only question remaining is how much of a setback has her plum-foolishness inflicted on North Carolina ever having another female Governor. Is Dumplin’ a simple-minded twit because she is a woman or would she be a simple-minded twit regardless of her gender. I go with the latter. That she sits down to pee has naught to do with her Dumplin’ dumbness.

Dumplin’ declaring herself “a mighty fine little governor-ette, by golly” is akin to the captain of The Titanic wanting credit for steering his ship right into the largest iceberg in the North Atlantic. I mean it took darn good aim to hit that one iceberg in a really big ocean……

As the moving van backs up to the Mansion….. Dumplin’ is scouring the rule book for obscure awards to give herself. If that sounds really petty and down right stoopid ….. you have to understand the “good ol’boys” who stuck Dumplin’ in the Mansion never expected anything else. THAT’S WHY they nicknamed her Dumplin’. Ya can’t spell Dumplin’ without a “Dum”.

One woulda thought a video of her being roundly and soundly booed in UNC’s Dean Dome would be the #1 bit of memorabilia she would cherish. OK, maybe tied with a tape of her memorable speech to the Cary Rotary Club suggesting the 2012 elections be cancelled so she could continue her outstanding work.

North Carolina is still a Southern State and likely woulda cut this delusional dim-wit some major slack if she had simply fumbled, bumbled and stumbled her way thru the past four years but nooooooo. This air-head kept demanding that she been accorded the respect of a freakin’ queen and given the acclaim of someone who actually did “something”. Not that making Rice Krispie Treats isn’t “something”.

North Carolina’s (bottle) Blond Joke is the only honor she deserves. I’ll pay for the engraving if someone will find a plaque.

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