The N&O Desperate To Keep Christian Subscribers

November10/ 2012

In the month-long run-up to the recent election, McClatchy’s local franchise – The N&O ran its most vigorous and vicious blitzkrieg attack campaign EVER against all things Conservative / Republican. The two most specific targets (not named Goldman) of their journalistic venom were Justice Paul Newby and Dr. Billy Graham & his son Franklin.

Both Justice Newby and The Grahams survived these attacks. Now the revenue-desperate enterprise wants to make nice to Christians……

In Saturday’s newspaper, Executive Editor John Drescher (a quite decent fellow despite his employer) authors a glowing tribute to Dr. Billy Graham. The same Dr Graham that Editor Drescher had his attack dogs rip and ridicule for the previous month…. to support The N&O’s We Love Us Some Obama Campaign.

John Drescher Praises Billy Graham (CLICK)

I don’t doubt that John Drescher does indeed admire Billy Graham. John is, as noted, a quite decent man, who coincidentally, makes a rich white man’s living ($400,000+) from his employment by McClatchy Co.

So Obama declares war on rich white people….. so rich white man John Drescher’s newspaper declares war on The Grahams for openly supporting Romney/Ryan….. So Obama wins….. And now:

Drescher quickly reaches out to the Conservative Christians he has been insulting for the past 60 days to, hopefully, keep their subscriber / advertiser dollars for his failing employer.

Is any part of this not an insult to the intelligence of all parties involved?

Again, I don’t question John’s personal admiration of Billy Graham. But John did oversee the extended Trash The Grahams campaign carried out by his minions. That attack campaign was a coordinated effort by both John’s News Dept and Lame Duck Stevie Ford’s Op/Ed Dept.

John will try vainly, with a straight face, to tell you that he and Lame Duck Stevie run totally separate operations; never influenced one bit by the other. That they ALWAYS support or oppose the same individuals and issues is pure coincidence. ???

What part of THAT is not a bald-faced insult to their intelligence much less anyone who might believe it?

So John’s staff of dumpster-diving attack dogs (including the infamous Barry “The Colonel” Saunders) were given “take’em down” orders regarding The Grahams. Do whatever it takes to discredit The Grahams’ support of Romney/Ryan. Use innuendo or downright lies, but “take’em out”. Barry, of course, loved such an assignment as ridiculing “whitey” is Barry’s stock-in-trade. ….. and being told “whatever it takes” was sweet music to his ears.

So each day, rich white guy John who lives among other rich white guys, and I suspect, attends a rich white folks’ church… signed off on unfettered attacks against The Grahams.

Did it pain John to do so? I prefer to think it did indeed pain John to do so….. but he did so. He has 400,000+ reasons to do so. Have I mentioned that John reports to an even richer black man – Publisher Orage Quarles. I have no idea if Orage Quarles likes Dr Graham; but I’m sure he really really likes Barack Obama.

So now John says “We really didn’t mean to viciously insult The Grahams…. it was just politics. Heck, I even like Billy Graham. Can we all just forget all that, sing Kumbaya and all ya’ll please keep subscribing and advertising in our newspaper …… PLEASE!”

Me? I haven’t subscribed to John’s newspaper in years. I will discontinue my on-line reading of it when they install a pay wall on Dec 19. I don’t need to advertise.

Some of you who are offended daily by The N&O’s attacks on you & yours (and The Grahams) continue to subscribe because “I just like a newspaper with my morning coffee”. ???

Isn’t that like saying “I read Playboy, but just for the articles on stereo equipment.”

For what it’s worth….. I asked a member of The Graham Family if he thought Dr Graham was disturbed by John Drescher’s newspaper’s vicious attacks, especially Barry “The Colonel”s insulting remarks.

He smiled and noted “John (and Barry) who?”

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