Every One of Mine Won except…..

November07/ 2012

Every candidate I voted for yesterday WON …..except one. Except Romney/Ryan. My winning % was a whole lot better than the beady-eyed weasels masquerading as “journalists” for my local newspaper and local TV affiliate. I’m not expecting them to congratulate me nor do I intend to congratulate them. This ain’t Little League where the two teams line-up mumbling “good game” to one another…..

My state, North Carolina, went solidly (R) all down the ballot; maybe you weren’t so lucky. Our General Assembly is solid (R) in both houses and now has an R Governor, Lt Governor and R majority State Supreme Court. Our first R Governor in 20 years…… Good for us.

BUT, I (and, I think, America) lost “the big one”. I’m entitled to my opinion today as much as I was entitled to my vote yesterday for Romney/Ryan. It is significant that roughly 49% of my fellow Americans are sharing my extreme disappointment in the re-election of Obama/Biden.

When I am out in public at a mall, sports event, etc I assume that one out of two adults I encounter share my basic philosophy of how a community / state / nation should function to the betterment of the majority of its peoples. That other one obviously does not. I can usually guess pretty well which is which.

It’s said “winners tell jokes and losers say deal”. I don’t play cards and I tend to express myself best thru humor regardless of how the cards are dealt. One could make a case that “the life of our country” is at stake over the next four years; or even that the biopsy came back positive last night and it’s simply “how much time do I have, doc?” I understand if you feel that way today.

You are angry…. pissed-off….. dejected….. confused….. did I already say pissed-off? I am. But:

I do believe that a person / country tends to eventually get what it deserves. Don’t follow a sensible diet….. don’t exercise….. don’t get regular check-ups…. take unnecessary risks and ultimately it catches up to you….. as an individual or as a nation. Anyone who hasn’t seen “this” coming hasn’t been paying attention to the socio-cultural direction of America for the past thirty or so years. The freakin’ Kardashians are the role models for millions of young people. Hello!

America hasn’t been “a Norman Rockwell painting” for awhile now. The distance between Hell and our national Handbasket has only moved in one direction; stalling perhaps for intervals but descending nonetheless.

I’m not leading up to some big call for Revival Of America or calling “this” the wake-up call we needed to get our own attention. I leave that messianic clarion call for others to sound. I’m just a guy with a website.

When the smoke and confetti has cleared….. Washington is pretty much where it was 48 hours ago. The “mandate” is that we are a very clearly divided nation.

As a fairly staunch Conservative I share nothing with equally staunch Liberals other than a species. I don’t like them and they don’t like me. We can play semantic games substituting harsher verbs than “don’t like”. Nothing that happened on Nov 6 changes that. I’m confident I speak for “them” when I say that.

Our respective views on the role of government to general codes of conduct and “moral values” are so divergent as to have virtually no tangential points. Am I going to fundamentally change my “core values” based on an electoral college scoreboard? Heck, I like who and what I am. Elections bedamned, I’d still rather be “me” than “a them” any day of the week and especially on Sunday.

I like who / what my like-minded friends are too. That simpatico is a large part of why my friends are my friends.

“Moving to New Zealand” is not an option for our family. Beating our plowshare into a sword and storming the White House is probably not a wise move; besides we don’t have a plowshare.

Our family will adjust and “deal with it” and concentrate on the mundane stuff that constitutes daily life. Life, it’s said, is what happens while one is making plans or feeling really pissed-off. …… Life is not a Successories poster.

What about our children and grandchildren? Our daughter is incredibly level-headed albeit with the naivete consistent with her age. She is turning out remarkably well. I had lost my father before I was her age which has been a sobering thought the past five years. She may be better equipped to cope with America’s immediate and long-term future than we are.

If “we” as a nation got what we deserved last night….. maybe her generation will deserve better. I hope so.

As we Conservatives dissect and ruminate over “what happened”, I keep coming back to one wickedly un-Christian thought. Wait until “they” realize

“There ain’t no pony in the pile of crap” they bought yesterday. Boy, are they in for a surprise!

Sure, it’s bad. It’s not a disaster. A disaster is what hit NY / New Jersey last week. A disaster is that fatal accident or bad biopsy that happens to someone every day.

This was an election….. in which everyone of my candidates won – except for one.

COURAGE my friends.

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