Lies, Lawsuits & Riots…. Oh My!

October31/ 2012

With all the positive signs emerging for Romney/Ryan, it is only natural there be corresponding concerns “What if Obama loses?” That obvious scenario has been a given for months – Yes, there will be Lies, Lawsuits & Riots…. Oh My! Exactly why Obama must be defeated. ……

Lies: Several months ago, the Dems took over ownership of the phrase “He’s lyin’”. Its like they copyrighted it. Ergo, if Repubs then used it to describe Obama’s pathological lyin’ it would be obvious they stole it from the Dems’ arsenal. Luckily Obama’s lies are obvious to all but the most brain-dead among his congregation.

Lawsuits: The traditional scenario we are all used to – the networks’ elaborate election night set with spinning vote totals and pundits / talking heads eager to announce “based on x% of votes counted, we are declaring “_____“ the winner in XYZ state”. Except for Colorado and Nevada, all the “battlegrounds” are in Eastern and Central time zones so by 9:30 / 10 PM EST we will be seeing trends emerge and prognostications being prognosticated by eager prognosticators.

If you are reading this, this ain’t your first election night rodeo. You “know where you were” during the nightmare of Bush / Gore. A repeat of that bizarre scenario? Not on Election Night. Voting technology and “early voting” has been ratcheted up to where “counting votes” is no longer the laborious process we were used to.

Imagine the delightful scenario that Romney does indeed win the key battleground states or enough of them to give him the 270+ electoral votes. YIPPEE – America Is Saved ! Now what?

The Dems “ground operations” is in place to file lawsuits in every precinct, in every city, in every county, in every state. They will essentially contest EVERY VOTE. Their army of lawyers and operatives are all set to “monkey wrench” the entire system. It’s who they are. It’s how they operate.

There is no silver medal for finishing second. A good loser or a sore loser is still a loser. The Dems will NOT be “good losers”. The Dems were not even good winners for heavens sakes.

Are we guaranteed another Supreme Court circus. No. “Our side” also is prepared for the stunts “their side” is going to pull. If the margins are sufficient in enough states, all their whining and screeching will be seen for what it is. Not all appeals court judges are corrupt. Some are, but not enough to change a solid victory margin.

Its not really the lawsuits that concern you, is it? It’s the Riots. Yes, there WILL be street riots by Obama’s infamous “base”. GUARANTEED!

Recall the scene in those old John Ford westerns where commancheros get the apaches all likkered up on firewater before they attack the cavalry fort. They supply the “injuns” with guns then give them liquid courage to get them to ride to certain death. Obama’s field operatives and his media stooges are modern-day commancheros getting the injuns likkered up to attack. They have been doing exactly that for several months.

They will have them primed to riot by next Tuesday. …… the bulk of the rioters will be urban blacks and union drones.

Obama’s “academic elites” and “Hollywood left” aren’t much good in a street riot. They will issue scathing epistles and grab camera and mic time to bloviate their self-righteous indignation. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

The Obama Defeat riots will be your typical “excuse to torch & loot-fests” that we’ve all seen countless times…. confined pretty much to certain major cities where the police already have the water cannons, dogs, etc to handle it. Small businesses in these areas will be hard-hit. Cars will be overturned and torched, etc. There will be fatalities.

The supposed non-violent wing of Obama’s army will turn-out for their usual street marches singing civil-rights songs and slogans and hearing a lot of ramped-up racial-rhetoric by their spewers. “We” will be called a lot of ugly names by these hyped-up clowns. Wailing women and sad, frightened children will be available for their sympathetic media allies.

The union drones will recreate what you saw in Wisconsin a year or so ago. Lots of obscenities and public urination and defecating. The media will be all over shooting B-roll and interviewing goggle-eyed crazies in full obscene screech mode. Romney/ Ryan and all of us will be called obscene names that defy definition. Most of the union drone crowd will look like Michael Moore, even the females. They will destroy and deface public property but, for some reason, don’t tend to “loot” like the other bunch. Go figure?

Urban blacks torch & loot. Union drones defecate & pee. I don’t know who makes these rules?

America’s suburbs will be largely untouched. Just stay clear of downtowns and large government facilities – courthouses, state legislatures, governors mansions, etc. The Obama Defeat riots and demonstrations will occur in predictable places.

These will go on for about a week. When their media allies leave, the angry nutjobs will wander off. There will be scattered cases of Occupy nuts who will set-up to do what they do. Winter is coming. Only their most insane will stick around for long.

Remember, as you contemplate how divided our country has become ….. that “those people” hate “people like us” so much – The alternative to “Lies, Lawsuits & Riots” is Obama and those people winning and taking full and complete control over America.v

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