Dems…. like a flock of seagulls.

October26/ 2012

The Democrat hierarchy were hoping for another three weeks before the odor of financial garbage leftover from OccupyCharlotte wafted into public nostrils. …… Democrats are “like a flock of seagulls”. They arrive amid a lot of flapping wings and flapping lips. They squawk and cackle and strut (lots of strutting). They crap all over everything. Then they fly away accepting absolutely no responsibility for the mess they always leave behind……

Yes, Charlotte got divebombed and bamboozled by the DNC seaguills to the tune of millions of dollars of refuse, repair and renegeing. Every bit of which was totally predictable. The true cost of OccupyCharlotte is percolating to the surface like a corrupted septic field. Anyone caught downwind from this mess better clip a clothespin on their nose. …. Pyuuuu!

Charlotte Left Holding The Bag…. CLICK!

All the grand and glorious promises hyped by Charlotte Mayor Anthony “Little Barack” Foxx are now being seen as the pure BS they always were. The bills….. actually all the UNPAID bills and invoices are really piling up now. Stack’em on top of each other and Uptown has its newest high-rise.

I have no sympathy for the flimflammed city fathers of Metrolina. This is neither the first time nor the last time that these forked-tongued carnies have brought their traveling road show to a naïve American city. Their pitch is always the same and the results always the same.

Promise – Promise – Promise “economic impact” projections that match the federal deficit. Slide shows and powerpoint presentations that “promise” chickens-in-every-pot and brass rings for one and all. “The eyes of the world will gaze down upon your community…. and honor, glory and riches shall flow like rivers of gold thru your streets….”

And otherwise reasonable adults get “tingles down their legs” and they fall all over one another to be in the photo op announcing Charlotte DNC 2012 – The 2nd Coronation of Our Messiah.

The day after they sign up….. the sweet smell of success starts to turn. It was subtle at first. Every resident within 50 miles begins to scheme how he/she might grab a bit of the nectar of the Democrats that will surely arrive in early September. “I’ll start a special event business. I love planning parties ….. maybe a limo service….. we’ll rent out our house like they do in Augusta….. I’ll get plenty of work as a security guard….. maybe I can meet Eva Longoria or Barbra Streisand…….. “ ….. sigh, sob, sniff.

Like “marrying a stripper”….. bragging to your buddies and envisioning the honeymoon is as good as it will ever get. When the sun comes up and the hangover goes away – You Married A Stripper! Holy Cow….. she stole my watch, my credit cards, my car and the key to the safe deposit box and…… When the police officer is taking your report of the scam he finally has to ask – “Sir, didn’t you know You Married A Stripper?” ….. Well, sure, but……..

Which do you prefer Charlotte – “a flock of seagulls” or “married a stripper”? In either case you got exactly what you deserved. The seagulls crapped all over your city and the stripper stole your watch and credit cards. Regardless, you shoulda known better.

AgentPierce; isn’t the above exactly what the Obama Regime has done to America the past four years? …. Well, by golly. Now that you mention it, it sure it!

Charlotte, I warned you on at least three occasions – when someone pees on your leg and tries to tell you it’s raining – you know you are dealing with Democrats.

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