The Mormon vs The Muslim(?)

October18/ 2012

Some ink-stained twerp at the Charlotte Observer (part of the floundering McClatchy family) is “going after” Billy Graham for meeting with and essentially “endorsing” A MORMON, otherwise known as George Romney’s son Mitt. This twerp, of course, hopes you will immediately associate Mitt with….. Jim Jones…. David Koresh….. Charles Manson…. and Torquemada among others……

The Charlotte Observer, and its sister rag – The News & Observer have pursued its aggressive atheist/agnostic marketing campaign for some years now. It does not appear to be working as its revenues continue to spiral downward with ever-increasing speed. ….. down….. down…. down.

McClatchy vs God ??? The smart money is on God.

McClatchy vs Billy Graham…. CLICK.

I have long wondered if God gets personally involved in saving poorly-run failing business ventures any more than he intervenes to save baseball teams that can’t pitch or hit very well. In the case of GangMcClatchy I would hope not, but I’ll leave that to His far better judgment.

Anyhoo….. the Charlotte Observer/McClatchy is a washed-in-the-blood corporate disciple of Lord Obama’s Media Army so no surprise at all that aforementioned ink-stained twerp would “go after” Dr Graham in such fashion.

ASIDE: I don’t have the wisdom to know if “mainstream media” go to Heaven. Not my call. But, if so, I hope Heaven is expansive enough that I can always be upwind from any of’em. Yuck… ptui!

I’m a Southern Baptist by childhood affirmation if I must declare my Christian denomination, which I’m not averse to doing. Over the years I have attended / joined Baptist, Presbyterian and Lutheran “churches”. My choices were usually influenced by the location of the church building, my “liking” of the pastor, my wife’s preference, and, once, on the singing of oldie-but-goodie hymns.

I currently attend a weekly Men’s Bible Study. Don’t know if there are any Mormons among the 50 or so guys. I’m confident there are no Muslims among us though.

Within each congregation there were individuals I “liked” and others I learned to avoid. I have served on various church leadership boards over the years. They were similar to other volunteer organizations I have been associated with in charitable, civic and social involvements. I learned I am not “wired” for such bureaucracies. I never blamed God or King James (or Billy Graham) for my inability to function well in “a group” of any sort. Wildebeast, caribou, geese, leeming and liberals seem to relish group involvement. AgentPierce, grizzly bears, eagles and “Jack Reacher” don’t.

Soooo, an Obamic media flunky calls out Billy Graham for essentially endorsing Mitt The Mormon over Barack Hussein Obama – aka The jug-eared Kenyan Muslim. Geee, I wonder what tipped the scales for Dr Graham?

Mitt’s acknowledged Mormonism has never bothered me one iota. I was a mere youth when Jack Kennedy The fish-eatin’ Pope-lovin’ Catholic ran for POTUS. Would JFK be taking marching orders from some little dude in slippers and a funny hat in The Vatican never bothered me. That JFK was a freakin’ Democrat bothered me lots more. That JFK’s daddy was a rum-runnin’ bootleggin’ mega-crook was also a factor. That the White House chef might serve flounder on Friday was not.

That Mitt and the FamilyRomney might prefer Donnie&Marie to Madonna (the rock-diva, not the Holy Mother) or Gangsta Rappers doesn’t bother me. That Mitt might prefer a Tabernacle with a very cool choir in Salt Lake City to, lets say for instance….. Jeremiah Wright spewing HATE WHITEY! HATE WHITEY! HATE WHITEY! from a South Chicago pulpit…. works just fine for me. Apparently that works for Billy Graham too.

Will Mitt’s second act as POTUS in late January (#1 being canceling ObamaCare of course) be to declare Polygamy the National Matrimonial Choice? I’m confident that will not be the case.

Will Mitt order Brigham Young’s face to be carved on Mt Rushmore? Nope, I don’t think so.

Will Mitt wear his “being a Mormon” on his sleeve as he goes about leading what’s left of The Free World. Nope, I don’t think so. That he never has “worn it on his sleeve” is my best indicator.

Do I think Barack Obama “is a Muslim”? I think Barack Obama is whatever might garner him what he wants from whomever he is talking to at the time. Obama being an overt Muslim sympathizer is close enough to “being one” for me. At his core, I don’t think Barack Obama has “a core”.

Between Screamin’ Jeremiah and Obama cozying up to every Mullah he can bow to, I doubt Barack Obama and I have one iota of commonality in anything we “believe” about anything.

For all the above reasons and many more….. I offer my 100% support to Mitt The Mormon over Obama and over McClatchy and the rest of Obama’s media sycophants….. yes, including Candy Crowley. But you probably figured that out already.

I really like Billy Graham too. In fact, I like Billy Graham so much I’m going to have lunch with his son-in-law today. Take THAT Obama.

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