“Is THIS really the best you people got?”

October09/ 2012

As regular readers here will attest, God created “that Idiot Biden” solely for my pleasure. America is forever besieged by calamities and rumors of calamities. From that primordial ooze oozes this blithering boob. This Thursday night he gets center stage.

Joe Biden epitomizes that most basic question to any Democrat: “Is this really the best you people got?” ……..

I am a professional smart aleck specializing in liberal-bashing. Its who I am and its what I do. In terms of difficulty my task ranks with giving away free Dove bars and judging NFL cheerleader tryouts (I once did that by the way). On any day, I have an easy job. When “that idiot Biden” is center-stage I feel guilty taking my check. I mean really!

Thursday night, America en masse will tune in to see “the next debate”. Lib/Dems are still curled in fetal positions and sobbing over their messianic leader’s 90-minute pratfall last week. Liberal American Idol Barack Hussein Obama hit so many wrong notes that Simon Cowell would have yanked him off before the first commercial break.

If last week’s debate had been a little league game, they would have invoked the dreaded 10-run rule after the first inning.

At this OK Corrall, Mitt was Wyatt Earp and Barack was Ike Clanton and we all know how that one ended. Mitt was Sitting Bull and Barack was Custer….. I could go on…. and on…. and on.

So now it’s Round Two….. and the Lib/Dems send out the J. Fred Muggs of their team.

NOTE: “J. Fred” was the chimpanzee on the original Today Show with Dave Garroway. “J. Fred” was followed by BaBa WaWa, Bryant Gumball and Perky Katie. It kinda went downhill after Muggs, if you ask me.

“J. Fred” Biden trotting out to rescue the tattered shards of GangObama……

Imagine the Democrats have been hit by a bus (named Romney/Ryan). Lying bloodied and broken in the gutter and looking up to see this grinning hairball …..

“Hi, I’m Joe Biden. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and I’m here to save the party!”

If I had a modicum of compassion for liberals in general and Obama/Biden specifically, I would beseech Paul Ryan to put rubber tips on his arrows and pull his punches. NO WAY!

Barack & Bozo intend to totally dismantle every thing decent about America and rebuild it under a Barackian Dictatorship. It could happen. In America even goggle-eyed mouth-breathers get to vote. Promise said mouth-breathers that in exchange for their vote(s) they get a toll-free trip down Easy Street for Life and “it could happen”.

Paul Ryan needs to cram “the Idiot Biden” feet-first into a wood-chipper….. Figuratively-speaking of course. But I’ll take literally as well. Do it “feet-first” so he feels it every inch of the way.

I do love me some Sarah Palin but she was too naïve and new to properly draw & quarter this clown four years ago. Plus, she was carrying her own cross-eyed bear – The Unelectable John McCain – on her back.

Paul Ryan could shred this goober with “half his brain tied behind his back” but even then it wouldn’t be even. A total lobotomy for Ryan might come close.

Truly, this nutjob is the pentultimate “little moron joke”. The fourth stooge. Being Barack’s “goofy old white guy sidekick” might impress the folks back home in Delaware but that and many billions dollars couldn’t save Solyndra.

Any result less than reducing this shlubb to a bubbling puddle of goo will be an opportunity wasted for the good guys. Yea verily, as Paul Ryan steps thru the puddle of Biden-goo there will be a ways to go still in defeating the Obamic threat. Make no mistake…. still a ways to go!

The Lib/Dem pundits have already crafted their post-Veep debate statement:

“…. well, by comparison, Obama doesn’t seem so inept now. He was better than Joe, wasn’t he?”

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