Be Confident…. Be Strong….. BEWARE!

October04/ 2012

OK, we made it thru Round One. We are all proud of Mitt and repressing the urge to declare total victory and shout “America Is Saved!” Your spirits are buoyed today and that was critical. Mitt showed he’s definitely no McCain / Dole….. and Obama showed he is indeed that empty chair without his teleprompter and a sycophant media. Now….. Be Confident…. and BEWARE!

I was worried that Mitt The Gentleman would show up…. and allow himself to be whipsawed to shreds by Lehrer and by a lying Obama playing to his mob. That certainly did not happen.

Mitt was “presidential” in the old traditional sense. Not the “presidential” of hip hop, radical extremists and sucking up to 3rd world demagogues. Mitt was strong, on message and not the least bit intimidated by the gravity of the event. He was / is the Mitt you wanted to believe he could be…. and will be.

You were afraid Jim Lehrer would lob Obama softballs and throw fastballs at Mitt’s head. Give Obama free rein and cut off Mitt mid-sentence…..That may yet happen in Round 3 and 4. Be assured the pressure is already being applied to future debate moderators to sabotage Mitt and boost Obama. Obama can’t pull it off himself. His handlers saw that. They will change tactics to use whatever will improve Obama’s messianic image.

Round Two – The Veeps will be The Crazy Joe Show. Can Paul Ryan so bumfuzzle the Idiot Biden that he starts foaming at the mouth, flops on the floor and screams F-bombs at Camera 3? It’s entirely possible. He is, after all, “that Idiot Biden”. Paul will be cool as a cucumber and Crazy Joe will be a wild-eyed lunatic gasbag…. because that’s what he is. Yes, we could actually see a live nuclear meltdown by a sitting VPOTUS. But…….

70% of Obama’s constituent mob have no clue who Joe Biden is nor do they care. He’s just that smiling jackass who says dumb stuff. Joe Biden, Harry Reid …. whatever….. dumb ol’ white guys that work for Lord Obama. If Crazy Joe does indeed totally implode in Round Two it won’t cost BHO one vote among his mob disciples. But you knew that already.

Heck, if BHO totally implodes in Round Three or Four it won’t affect his messianic mob loyalty…. but they have never been the quarry in this. As long as he is black and promises them lots of free stuff in exchange for their undying loyalty and vote he has them in his pocket.

The “quarry” is about 3% of “undecided independents”. Yes, it’s that close.

The sycophant media will not be QUITE as steadfastly loyal in the event of a full-court meltdown. One, a full live meltdown by BHO himself is not likely. The debate arena stage would “go dark” before that happened.

Don’t even think that way. We need to ratchet up our support for Romney / Ryan in whatever ways you can….. $$$…. yard signs….. local GOP HQ volunteering….. Election Day poll watcher (yes, I’ll be on the front lines again with my Cool Hand Luke sunglasses and steel-toed Red Wing boots).

If Mitt gets significant upticks in legitimate polls, look for GangObama to gear up for their October Surprise in another two weeks. All hell will break loose if their internal polling shows he, BHO, is capsizing. Nothing is off the table if they sense likely defeat – NOTHING is off the table.

For now Be Confident and Be Happy. Yes, I know you’ve been hangdogging it lately and wearing your sad face. I can tell. Last night you saw a Presidential candidate appearing presidential and it was “our guy”.


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