Great Pretenders Support A Great Pretender

October03/ 2012

There are many theories why Hollywood is so far left-wing liberal. Just as there are many theories why the mainstream media is equally as far left-wing liberal. While the end result is the same, the “why” may be different. “Why” Obama, and his constituent base, goes ga-ga over “celebrity endorsements” is easy to understand…..

Actors / Entertainers / Artists have notoriously fragile egos. Their performances on stage or screen have no quantitative basis; approval / disapproval is entirely subjective.

You and I may see the same George Clooney movie and like or dislike his performance, for our own reasons. The same for a hip hop artist or a painter with a particular style….. The performers all know this but their obscene egos block out the “I stunk it up” option.

The classic scenario is a Broadway performer agonizing after his last curtain call of the night over “what the critics will say” in the morning paper. If the review is positive then the critic is incredibly astute. If the review is at all critical then, of course, the reviewer is “a complete hack with an axe to grind against the actor, producer, director et al”. That the performance may indeed have been vapid and uninspiring is never an available option…. of course. Their fragile egos cannot handle personal failure.

Alas, in the “real world” quantitative analysis is the Sword of Damocles that most of us labor beneath. Did you meet your sales quota? Did you produce the number of units you were assigned? Did your department achieve the goals you were assigned? Can your small business “make it” against the competition?

Yes, all “did you or didn’t you” quotas can be argued over that there were extenuating circumstances but in most cases that has limited effectiveness in warding off termination. Exceptions being “government work”, “union shops” and “academia” (and entertainment) which are purposely void of “did you or didn’t you” evaluations elements – for a reason.

Beware any occupational profession that eschews individual accountability. For such havens will harbor the weak, the incompetent….. and the washed-in-the-blood liberal.

Surgeons who lose patients on the operating table….. attorneys who lose cases in a court room….. financial advisors who give bad advice are like dogs who chase cars; and pro golfers who don’t make putts. They don’t last too long. Because some one somewhere is keeping score. Liberals view scoreboards like vampires view crucifixes…. they recoil in horror. But…. but…. but….. but scoreboards don’t lie. But liberals do.

Back to our Hollywood actors for Obama….. Actors make their living pretending to be something they are not. Can they make you believe for two hours (four years) that they are indeed an action-adventure hero…. a secret agent….. a master criminal….. King Lear….. an ingénue….. a seductress….. the leader of the free world.

You, the audience, have your concept of that role and if they can convince you they are that role then you got your money’s worth. If they are especially proficient at their art of pretending, you blur the line between real and make-believe and you think they are the role. But it is all just “pretend” even if, yes, they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before. If that Holiday Inn is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave the stakes are a bit higher.

Are there registered voters in America who would trust a Grey’s Anatomy cast member to remove their malignant tumor? Are there voters who would hire a TV lawyer to plead their case? A community organizer with a 30 year documented history as a socialist and muslim-sympathizer….. and, to quote Joe Biden – “he’s a clean black man” – to be POTUS? Obviously there are.

Given the choice of a real doctor or attorney or leader / statesman over a convincing actor they would still opt for the pretender.

You’ve all seen various “how dumb are Obama voters” videos and you recoil that “no one could be THAT stoopid!” Sure they can. Slightly less absurd are a much larger faction that in their heart of hearts “know better” but have been seduced by a siren’s song that since reality often does “suck” lets simply ignore it for a more palatable fantasy.

I can’t imagine any entertainer’s endorsement influencing my vote…. including Clint’s wonderful schtick with the empty chair. But I can’t imagine much of what defines a hard-core liberal.

Indeed, Reality does often “suck” but when the movie / concert ends and we exit the theater (voting booth) it’s what America has to deal with.

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