A Blind Bozo Finds An Acorn

October03/ 2012

I have to get this one in quick. After tonight, the whole landscape changes and “that Idiot Biden” becomes even more irrelevant.

My fellow Conservatives….. DO NOT suddenly give “that Idiot Biden” credit for anything except being an embarrassment to the human species simply because he blurted out something that was correct. …….

Biden’s latest gaffe …. whoa, that was yesterday, his “latest gaffe” was probably ten minutes ago. Let me rephrase – what that Idiot Biden said yesterday about “the middle class has been buried the past four years” is certainly correct but don’t credit that braying buffoon with it.

If you do, you should credit those 1,000 monkeys with 1,000 typewriters for eventually typing a verbatim copy of War & Peace in the original Russian. With monkeys or Biden (and I mean no disrepect to monkeys) it is simply a matter of time before he says something correct totally by accident.

To use “Biden said” to lend credibility to anything automatically eliminates any credibility from the comment.

Obama has Biden as his sidekick for the same reason Bud Abbott had Lou Costello and Dean Martin had Jerry Lewis. It never hurts to have someone around you that is a complete fool. Whatever gaffe you might make, he will out-stoopid you in a Delaware minute.

When Obama was interviewing potential Veeps four years ago, it took Bozo Joe about 30 seconds to get the job offer. He trips over the threshold walking into the room….. misses the chair as he sits down…. sticks his finger up his nose and asks Barack “is it true what they say about you black guys?”.

Even Obama knew this had to be THE dumbest white man on the planet.

“Cancel the other interviews. I’ve got my sidekick. Michelle, wait’ll you meet this goober.”

I could do 100 other Biden zingers. The man is dust-bunny dumb (again, no offense to dust-bunnies) and getting dumber by the day. And a mean-spirited jackass. He has no redeeming qualities. Ship him off to a rendering plant……

There are many many dangers to America with the Obama Regime. Our entire way-of-life is at risk. That Idiot Biden is the least of our worries….. unless something happens to the jug-eared Kenyan commie.

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