Who Cares What A Fool Says ? …Other Fools.

September14/ 2012

It is easy to dismiss Joe Biden. He’s that idiot relative (Cuzzin Eddie) that stopped being amusing years ago. He’s that jackass in every office (Herb Tarlick in WKRP). He’s the blithering moron in every neighborhood embarrassing his wife and kids. …. Joe Biden is all of those – and The Vice President of The United States. But everyone knows he’s a Fool, don’t they?…. Not everybody.

Joe Biden did not become a Fool when Obama picked him to be his Veep. Obama picked him BECAUSE he is a Fool. Biden exhibited his over-the-top Jackassity on numerous occasions over many years as a Senator but only wonks and pundits paid attention.

Ask your average Democrat about Sheila Jackson Lee or Cynthia McKinney or Barney Frank or Dennis Kukinch. Odds are they have little/no recognition of them. “Is Barney Frank the homo from Massachusetts?” is about as far as you might get. You’ve heard of all four. You read this website because you follow politics more than the average humanoid stalking your local shopping mall.

McKinney is long gone from Congress but Sheila is still around spouting abject stoopidity like a pit bull with diarrhea.

Putting aside Barney sexual thing, he is a blabbering jackass who can “get away with it” because any criticism is called homophobia.

Kukinch is actually pretty funny. Crazy as a cross-eyed cat but so much so nobody ever took him seriously. That guy in the neighborhood that stands in his front yards in his bathrobe and throws rocks at passing cars. Until he hits your car with a rock you think its kinda cool having a fool just down the street. You do tell your kids not to play with his kids.

That’s how Biden The Senator was until four years ago. He looked rather normal until he opened his mouth. He always thought he was quite the clever fellow but no one else ever did. Everybody knew a Joe Biden in high school. He had two friends who were as objectionable as he was. But the three of them considered themselves very very clever.

Forty years later one of them was run over by an ice cream truck…. one simply disappeared under mysterious circumstances…. and Joe became Vice President. Only in America…. or mythical countries in Marx Brothers movies.

You’ve all heard Biden’s “latest”. Speaking to a black audience in Danville VA he told them:

“if Romney is elected
he will put y’all back in chains”.

“How in hell can he get away with saying that” you said when you heard it. Because he is Vice President Joe Biden and a pure Fool. …… and his audience was made up of dead-eyed zombies who will believe anything that plays to their ginned-up Slavery mindset. A mindset that has been cultivated carefully by Biden’s boss and his Czars for the past four years.

Obama chose Biden for three reasons. (1) Impeachment/Assassination Insurance…. as awful as Obama is, the thought of that Fool Biden anywhere near the nuclear trigger is beyond scary. …. (2) With Biden around, Obama’s own intellectual deficiencies were minimized by comparison. And (3) Obama liked the idea of having “a stoopid white man” around.

Joe Biden is an embarrassment to the animal kingdom.

I’ve told this story before. Several years ago a longtime acquaintance (of the liberal persuasion) told me, with a straight face that “AlGore and Joe Biden are two of the smartest politicians of the modern era”. I waited for the punch line. There was none. I turned and walked away. Deleted that individual from my address book. And have avoided him ever since.

By the end of the week Biden will say something even more outrageous. He seems to challenge himself to top himself. He has no shame. He has no sense of propriety. He has no baseline of civility. He IS simply a Fool. …. and Vice President of The United States.

….. and at least 45% of voters in November will vote to reelect him.

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