Dems Have “Foxhole Conversion” In Charlotte

September05/ 2012

It’s been said that nothing brings an angry atheist (aka liberal/democrat) to God quicker than (1) incoming artillery fire or (2) a bad biopsy. It looks like we can add one more to that. Nothing brings angry liberal atheists to God faster than negative media pressure.

….. Yep, there’s been a for-real 11th hour “Foxhole Conversion” in Charlotte.

Under intense fire from yours truly and other major media; the democrat gang huddled this afternoon in Charlotte and inserted “God” (and Jerusalem) into their ever-changing platform. Apparently the democratic platform is, like their view of the Constitution, an ever-changing living document.

Don’t sell their very angriest God-haters short. They tried to stop this. The lib/dem rank&file BOOED GOD when the Exec Committee rammed it thru. Historians noted this was the first time God has been BOOED at a major political convention. Another “first” for the Obama Administration.

It took a DNC executive committee to override the usual 2/3 vote. The rank/file still hate God but the “inner circle” saw their whole freakin’ convention turning into a block of salt like Lot’s wife….. so they inserted God into the platform Wednesday afternoon hoping to fool the rest of America.

It is a totally unconfirmed rumor that St Peter appeared to the DNC Executive Committee and asked if any one of’em could actually quote a Bible verse. Just one.

Dick Durbin tried “Where’s the beef?”

Nancy Pelosi said “Just Do It!”

Bill Clinton suggested two – “It depends on the definition of ‘is”.” And “better put some ice on it.”

St Peter shook his head and disappeared into the Charlotte sky.

Meanwhile across town at the Billy Graham Museum, Franklin Graham led a prayer circle that God would spare the good people of Mecklenburg County and only destroy the DNC visitors.

Valerie Jarrett placed an immediate call to ol’ Jeremiah Wright to see if he could conjur up a prayer to precede BHO’s big wingding speech Thursday night. David Axelrod suggested that Jeremiah might not be the best choice albeit he is the only “preacher” that any of’em knew by name. Louis Farrakan having already been eliminated.

Someone said “that tranny delegate, Janice / George, might be able to do one”. Oh my!

Asked if he really thought this 11th hour trick would fool his disciples Obama grinned and said “that is never a concern…. wink, wink”

This IS a story in progress. Stay tuned to this website and Carolina Plotthound as it unfolds.

You really can’t make up stuff as absurd as reality with this bunch.

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