Dem Messiah Can’t Control Weather. MINE CAN!

September05/ 2012

You gotta feel bad for GangObama. ANOTHER of their Grand Liberal WoodstockFests has been scuttled. First it was cancel the GIANT gathering at the Charlotte Motorspeedway….. now it’s a last minute cancellation of GIANT gathering at Stadium Named For A Evil Big Bank Stadium….. The party line is “Our Chosen One can’t control the weather.” ….. Mine Can!

They couldn’t pull off the CMS thingy because no one would bankroll it. The BOA Stadium thingy was going to be 30,000 dead-eyed swooning goobers and 40,000 EMPTY CHAIRS. !!!!

What an “optic” that woulda been. The Chosen One proselytizing to 40,000 EMPTY CHAIRS. Talk about “Making My Day” ☺

All those dead-eyed swooning goobers will be crestfallen….. until Obama blames it on – George Bush. Or is it time to start blaming everything on Mitt yet?

Geee, what kinda two-bit messiah can’t control weather.

My Messiah sure can!

Of course, my side doesn’t make a conscious decision to exclude God from our convention and from their platform.

Whether we / they admit it or not. We are all ultimately accountable for our actions.

I was hoping the Dems would stick ol’ Biden up on top of the BOA Stadium pressbox with a one-iron in his hand. Seeing ol’ Bozo Joe light up like a Winter Solstice tree would have been a hoot. Only ti

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