the little democrats who cried….. RACIST!

September04/ 2012

We’ve all played “the most game” – recalling the most ridiculous…. most over-the-top…. most damn-fool screed by a prominent democrat. Everyone has his/her favorite with entire volumes of The Biden Chronicles of course. But whodathunk we’d see the day in our lifetime when a piece of furniture would be called “RACIST”.

Thanks to Clint (Eastwood for those of you in Rio Linda), the humble chair has now joined the ever-growing ranks of “been called RACIST” by google-eyed screeching dems…. a freakin’ CHAIR.

You either saw “it” live or endless video replays – Clint Eastwood’s epic comedy bit in Tampa where he had a conversation with an empty chair representing our current empty presidency. It was a pretty good bit but delivered by “Dirty Harry” hisownself it became an instant campaign classic blowing up the YouTube / Twitter world…. and spawning a bazzilion parodies….. and horrified shrieks from terminally horrified lib/dems.

The chair bit makes Barack Obama look even sillier than Barack Obama makes Barack Obama look. The only time he’s not the most clueless goober in a room is when Bozo Joe is at his side. Then it’s a “pick’em”.

Assuming you are a “we”, and most visitors here be “we’s”, you have been called “a RACIST” for going on four years now. “If you don’t vote for the commie community organizer – You’re A Racist” was all we heard in 2008….. and all we’re hearing now…. IT’s ALL THEY HAVE!

If all you have is a 75mph fastball…. that’s all you can throw.

Before lib/dems ran a half-black Kenyan we were all called NAZIs. I believe I was called a Nazi more times than ol’ Adolph himself….. and he WAS one.

When it comes to vicious name-calling, lib/dems are every bit as vicious as a gang of Jr Hi “mean girls”. The Jr Hi mean girls score higher in the maturity scale though.

Like the apocryphal little boy who cried …… WOLF! Until there really was a wolf and no one came to his aid…… the lame cries of “all you Repubs are RACISTS” rings even more hollow in 2012 than it did in 2008.

Realize the dilemma the lib/dems are in. Obama’s blackness is all they’ve got. He never had any legitimate qualification for the office….. and he certainly has no achievements while in office….. so “his blackness” is it.

“If you don’t vote for our black guy – you are a RACIST.”

If being called “a RACIST” by a lib/dem is my only penalty for not supporting their jug-eared muslim commie, I can handle that. Can’t you?

Alas, there really are RACISTS in this country. That’s not a good thing at all. But by grouping 50+% of America into the RACIST category, the demmies give the actual racists great cover. Not that they care.

According to every single ranting raging screecher from the podium in Charlotte – I’m a RACIST. You’re a RACIST. All our friends are RACIST. Now our chairs are RACIST.

Can our footstools, coffee tables and cereal bowls be far behind?

Here’s my very favorite “empty chair” bit…… the only known picture of Karl Marx and his adoring student Barack Soetoro Obama.

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