Paul Ryan Did WHAT – Said WHAT – Is WHAT ?

August12/ 2012

He looks like my State Farm agent… or that helpful hardware man. Every Rotary Club I’ve ever been in (five) had “a Paul Ryan”. George M. Cohan wrote his life. He’s the pentultimate “Sara Lee” of politicians – as in “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee / Paul Ryan”. Well not quite nobody. ………

I heard “the announcement” Saturday like most of you. I was attending a get-together with 100 or so mostly like-minds. Being somewhat renown for my socio-political astuteness I was immediately besieged for my thoughts on Mitt’s Pick. ….. I think it’s a BOFFO pick!

America’s last two Veep candidates have been a shoot-from-a-shapely-hip hottie from Alaska and a flappy-jawed moronic jackass from Delaware.

My admiration of Sarah Palin is well-documented. I consider her to be one of the most courageous political figures in American history along with James K Polk and Marilyn Avila. I refer you to one of this websites most viewed and quoted columns ever – CLICK.

Sarah and my wife are kick-butt peas in a political pod. Allowing that my wife’s ability to “shoot and field-dress a moose” has yet to be tested. That said…. when Sarah Palin was announced my immediate concern was “does she REALLY know how brutal the mainstream media thugs will be on her?” My concerns were quickly validated as Sarah was bushwacked by Perky Katie.

She never recovered from that as well as the burden of dragging around a deadweight known as John McCain for three months. McCain was a grumpy ol’ slug whose only electability asset was “I was a Viet Nam POW”. As admirable as that was, it left lots of dead air to fill once he had said it. So……

When Mitt The Mormon announced Paul Ryan as the second “R” on the bumpersticker I was very happy. Sure, I love Super Marco like all of us do but we need Super Marco in the Senate right now. His day will come…. in 16 years after Mitt’s two terms and Paul’s two terms. With Super Marco in the Senate and VP Paul as Pres Pro Temp of the Senate they will stuff that beady-eyed weasel Harry Reid into a wood chipper….. feet first so he feels the pain longer.

Unlike Sarah, Paul Ryan is a seasoned combat veteran in dealing with the mainstream media scumbags. He has oodles of experience dodging their poisoned arrows. Simply “being smarter than” the media scumbags is no great credit. Hell, even Joe Biden was as smart as most of’em. That’s like being the tallest midget in the circus.

Sure Paul Ryan is smarter than they are…. and has more integrity and moral fibre in his little finger than the entire White House Press Corps plus all of CNN and MSNBC combined. Mitt and Paul make a great team.

As expected, the dumpster divers are already hard at work. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS have all added dozens of interns to scour every garbage can in Janesville, Wisconsin for the slightest speck of dirt they can find on Paul. If they can’t find any, then, of course, just make up something.

Chris Matthews and Bob Beckel are offering big bucks for the most ridiculous Ryan Lies anyone can make-up. Their audiences are liberal democrats who never put much stock in “the truth” on the rare occasions they hear it.

Jeremiah Wright…. Saul Alinsky….. Bill Ayers….. Van Jones….. ???? Never heard of’em. Birth certificate ?? Who cares. Birth certificates are overrated. College transcripts….. Fast & Furious….. Treasury Secretary who cheated on his taxes….. elaborate vacations….. Joe Biden as VP…… chums with union thugs and islamo-fascists….. dissing Israel for four years….. trillions in debt….. responsible for nothing EXCEPT, of course, personally killing Osama Bin Laden. ….. We luv us some Obama ‘cause he’s gonna give us all dem rich white folks’ money. Whats not to like about that?

Have you heard about that fine Paul got in college for being late returning a library book? You will.

Have you heard about Paul’s uncle’s dentist who once told an Amos’n Andy joke? You will.

Have you heard…. Paul IS CATHOLIC! You know what “they say” about those crazy Catholics? You will.

“Harry Reid heard a rumor that” Paul Ryan is Heterosexual !! Yuck, Ptui!

Have you heard that “Paul Ryan spelled backwards and with some extra letters thrown in” spells Racist White Guy With A Pretty Blond Wife And Smart Children? You will.

Have you heard that Janesville WI does not have a Chick-fil-A but they might get one now that eeeevil Paul Ryan is running with Mitt? You will.

Have you heard that “three old people died in Wisconsin” on Saturday? You will.

Will there be some braindead Lib/Dem zombies who will actually believe all the above? YES. Of all of Paul Ryan’s long list of terrific qualities, none is more in his favor than – liberals really really HATE HIM.

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