The Price of “Free” Speech

July25/ 2012

“Free Speech” is one of those Founding Father things that separate us from Fidel, Vlad, Hugo and those other sympaticos of Sean Penn, Barack Obama and Boy George Soros. Alas, standing on your soap box and telling the world how you feel about something comes at a price to you and yours even in the US of A. Both sides of the political aisle have been reminded of that “price” lately.

A local Raleigh hot dog mogul and a large national Chicken chain each spoke out recently with similar results. And Raleigh’s notorious Limo Liberal – Jimmy Goodmon is on the rampage as noted in an earlier column.

Steve Webb started one of those simple food service operations we all wish we could do….. Snoopy’s – a mini-chain of walk-up hot dog operations. His menu is simple and uncomplicated. His food quality is consistent and service is friendly. Other than those obnoxious vegans and tofu loonies, most normal folks in Raleigh have visited Snoopy’s for a hot dog or two…. most of us do so with regularity. Now I will do so with increased regularity. Steve Webb took a shot at Obama’s stoopid insult at small business owners.

Steve has a small billboard on his buildings where he advertises daily specials and catchy sayings. Last week he told Obama “Hey Obama, I built this business without your help” or something to that effect.

The local fishwrap dispatched a photo-journalist to chronicle Steve’s “speak-out” and, of course, their ensuing news story drew the predictable responses. The local Obamics were horrified and swore never again to darken Snoopy’s order window. And yours truly and friends rallied to Steve’s defense promising to up our Snoopy hot dog consumption by more than enough to compensate for the angry Obamaites.

When the smoke clears from this little dust-up, Steve Webb and Snoopy’s should be just fine. Eat More Right-Wing Weinies!

On a larger national scale – those pesky Christians at Chick-fil-A are making news again. Chick-fil-A owner/founder Truett Cathey (and his son Dan) are gentlemen of extraordinary Christian principles. They does not disguise that fact. They promote it. Everyone knows C-f-As are not open on Sundays. C-f-A employees don’t have to “go to church” but they do all get that day to spend with their families or as they otherwise choose.

In addition to making THE BEST Chicken sandwiches in the world…. and a universal customer service attitude that is unmatched in the restaurant biz, Chick-fil-A takes a stand on socio-cultural issues. Specifically Mr Cathey is a supporter of traditional marriage. Weeelllll, you can imagine how THAT went over with the Untraditional marriage gang. Not well….. and they tend to react in rather nasty ways.

Since The Catheys’ overt Christian position was already well-known with the We Hate God crowd, and his restaurants continue to do very well thank you; this latest attack by the GLBT bunch should not shorten the customer lines all that much. Their boycott of his restaurants is certainly their right.

For every gay marriage advocate customer he loses, the rest of us will simply up our visits. Go Mr Cathey Go….. Eat More Christian Chicken!

Meanwhile across the ideological aisle….. Limo Lib Extraordinaire / Media Mogul Jim Goodmon’s recent outing of all concealed carry permit owners in central NC has costs Jimbo some ad dollars. Local auto dealer Chris Leith has pulled his ads from Jim’s radio / TV stations. In a letter to WRAL, Leith was very specific that his decision is in reaction to Goodmon’s cute little trick with the gun owners.

There is speculation that other local advertisers may do likewise….. as is their right.

Faced with losing ad dollars versus being exiled to the dog house by wife Barbara, we suspect Jim will be upping his over-the-top uber-liberal presence via his media outlets. Jim seems to be enjoying being Mr Limo Liberal Media Mogul.

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