Clueless Mayor Honors Has-Been Diva

July19/ 2012

The dumbest comment ever made by a mayor made sense yesterday. Former Raleigh Mayor “Cholly“ Meeker, in the midst of a nasty school board slugfest two years ago, decried “We have too many people not from around here who don’t share our values”. One of those values challenged nomads being Cholly himself. Another being his mayoral successor Nancy McFarlane. ……..

Raleigh has been our home of choice for 25 years. We could live anywhere and have lived various other places. We like living here. It’s not without its shortcomings but neither are we.

Raleigh is known regionally for numerous reasons. The quality of Life is high but costs of living that Life within reason. The Geography and Climate gods have been generous to us. We have reliable cable TV and Internet and several Pottery Barns.

Our elected officials are no more or less ideologically and fiscally corrupt than most places. The local newspaper is referred to insultingly as “a fishwrapper”. No one can drive in snow…. and the pizza was probably better wherever you came from.

Spend 30 minutes in any of our shopping malls and gaze upon a wide spectrum of random humanity….. gazing back at you thinking the same unflattering thoughts.

In recent years, Raleigh has emerged as a fount of highly accomplished people. Such pockets of accomplishments tend to move about, but the past five years have been especially generous to Raleigh.

Perhaps you have heard of Josh Hamilton and Webb Simpson. Both young men are “from Raleigh”.

Josh Hamilton attended Athens Drive HS and is currently one of the 4-5 “best players in Major League Baseball” by unanimous appraisal. He was American League MVP two years ago. His story of self-redemption is remarkable. Josh has received many honors and is likely to receive many others, but….

Josh Hamilton has never been honored with “Josh Hamilton Day In Raleigh”.

Webb Simpson attended Broughton HS and recently won, in dramatic fashion, one of THE most celebrated titles in Golf. Webb Simpson is the reigning US Open Champion. Measured over the past 18 months, Webb may be “the best golfer in the world”. Webb has numerous trophies and titles already in his short career but…..

Webb Simpson has never been honored with “Webb Simpson Day In Raleigh”.

Josh and Webb are incredibly accomplished young men of even more incredible character. Both are “outstanding Christian men” who feel strongly about their roles as role models. Any town in America would welcome Josh or Webb among its citizenry….. except, apparently, officials of the city they do “come from”.

Charles Meeker and Nancy McFarlane are political bedfellows of the uber-liberal persuasion. Charlie called his own pot black when he decried “people not from around here”. Cholly himself is “not from around here”. So it stands that he does not share the same values as “locals”.

Nancy McFarlane is “not from around here” either. Both Nancy and Charlie are from NOVA – that sprawling megalopolis that borders the Potomac and feeds dead-eyed bureaucrats into DC every day.

Yesterday a former high school classmate of Nancy’s came to Raleigh as part of a “I Used To Be Somebody” publicity tour hyping her latest attempt to revive her comatose TV career.

“No Longer Perky” Katie Couric is “not from around here” either and could not recall ever being here before. She certainly does not share MY values but certainly does share Nancy’s. So, of course…… Mayor Nancy McFarlane promptly declared:

July 18 – “Katie Couric Day In Raleigh”.

Next week Mama Obama is returning to Raleigh for the umpteenth time in the past year to (1) beg for local lib-bucks and (2) blather that none of her hubby failures are his fault. Wanna bet Mayor Nancy would just love to cozy up to Mama Obama and give her “a Day” in Raleigh too..

Josh Hamilton currently leads the major leagues in home runs and RBIs as he leads Texas to a 3rd straight World Series.

Webb Simpson is not playing in The British Open in order to be with his wife who is expecting their second child any day now.

In closing, I am reminded of the early days of Saturday Night Live – the weekly news desk skit….. Jane Curtin would say/do something incredibly stoopid and Dan Akroyd would glare at her contemptuously and say…..

“Jane (Nancy), you poor misguided _________ “

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