Jim (Not A) Goodmon “buying air-time by the barrel”

July18/ 2012

You’ve heard that old admonition “never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel”. It refers to making an enemy of a print media mogul who has you outgunned from the get-go. As a media mogul he has his own munitions factory and you don’t. That applies to challenging a radio/TV media mogul too; but Jim “Not A” Goodmon has now “crossed the Rubicon”…..

If you are a regular visitor to this humble little website, you know we don’t get invites to Jim & Babs Goodmon’s Christmas parties. Our distaste for The Triangle’s Most Egregious Limo-Liberal is as well-known as we can declare it. Here are those two previous links:

Time Honors Goodmon As #1 Limo Liberal
Jim Goodmon – City-Father Who No Longer “Knows Best”

Our two previous exposes on this sanctimonious silverspoon quickly went viral. With your help, this one will too.

Sharing a media market with a McClatchy newspaper is akin to living in the same cul-de-sac with The Kardashians. No matter how tacky your front lawn is, you will forever be known as “their neighbor” not them as “your neighbor”. So it is with B’rer Goodmon’s Capital Broadcasting Company. When it comes to Far Left-Wing media in this market – McClatchy’s News & Observer is the face on the billboard.

Despite the demise of newspapers to “something grandpa used to read with his morning coffee”, if you say “our local media is soooo liberal they turn Left faster than a NASCAR driver” everyone thinks you mean the local newspaper.

Jim Goodmon is hell bent to get himself held in the same low esteem as McClatchy’s News & Observer. I say Jimmy deserves his due….. especially after his latest stunt.

Our earlier exposes chronicled Jim’s descent from respected apolitical city-father Dr Jekyl to his current snarling, pointy-teethed beady-eyed Mr Hyde. It was a decade-long transformation aided significantly by wife Barbara as Jim’s Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Barbara first contacted Limo-Liberalitis Guilt then infected Hubby Jim.

Jim, as the saying goes, was “born on third and thought he had hit a triple”. Mamma was a Fletcher and around Raleigh that meant Little Jimmy never had to wear hand-me-downs or tape up his broken baseball bat. Jim inherited the family money machine – WRAL TV5 – and always had the deep pockets to indulge in any hobby he chose.

He (1) built a huge azalea garden behind his office…. (2) bought a minor league baseball team….. and (3) at Barbara’s insistence, became a mini-George Soros bankrolling, via his Fletcher Foundation, every Far Left-wing venture that slithered up and kissed Barbara’s Birkenstocks begging for a hand-out. ….. and (4) Jim assembled a “hit squad” of journo-terrorists to smear all things Conservative every day in every way.

We earlier outed Jim’s designated dumpster-diver Laura Leslie who’s target numero-uno is House Speaker Thom Tillis. Jim doesn’t care how Ms Leslie “does it” Jim just wants Tillis destroyed. If she violates every right of privacy and every principle of journalistic ethics in doing so….. well ya gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette….. right Jimmy?

Earlier this week another one of Jim’s journo-thugs – Mark Binker – went public with the names and addresses of everyone who has a concealed carry permit within a 50-mile area. Whats next Mark? ….. where their kids go to school and the route they drive to work each day?

Here is that link, because you likely think I’m making this up:

Find Concealed Carry Permit Holders In Your Area

And a link to our buddies over at Grass Roots North Carolina who have, in turn, outed Jim’s hit-man Mark Binker:


If you have lived in this area for any length of time, I’ve described a man and his TV station that you thought was Good Neighbor Jim and those smiling joking friendly faces on the 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news….. everyone’s favorite weather man – Greg Fischel – vacuous info-blond Deborah Morgan….. Whatshisname Crabapple that replaced Charlie Gaddy and….. “that black woman they canned last year when she got too old”.

Jim would surely hire liberal-divas Andrea Mitchell and Perky Katie if he could lure them away from NYC’s fashionable Upper East Side.

“Dr Jekyl” Jim doesn’t exist any longer. Jim “Mr Hyde” Goodmon is now buying air time by the barrel making damn sure he controls what you see and hear on his TV station. …… Rosebud!

Jim Goodmon – and his WRAL TV5 – has declared war on folks like me…. and you.

Unlike Jim and his ilk who are forever demanding dissenting voices be silenced and organizing their silly “sponsor boycotts” etc…. I’m suggesting neither. I’m simply telling you Jim Goodmon is what he is and his media empire is a direct reflection of his hard-line political ideology.

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