“Poor Little Becky” EXPOSED by The Truth!

July07/ 2012

Remember “poor little Becky” the woeful Democrat who made that “silly me” voting error that will DESTROY ALL THE WATER in North Carolina? Sure you do. The Saga of “Poor Little Becky” made National News with the eeeevil Repubs portrayed as, Taa Daa, Eeevillll. Guess what ….. Poor Little Becky Carney has now been EXPOSED as a fraud and multiple repeat offender. ……..

A quick recap: Last week the NC GenAssem overturned a handful of Lame Duck Guvey Dumplin’s vetoes. One of those overturned vetoes concerned exploring the feasibility of “fracking”.

A super-majority of Repub & Democ votes were necessary to override Dumplin’ veto. A vote was taken and the necessary bi-partisan vote total was indeed reached. One of the Yes votes to override was cast by veteran legislator Becky Carney from Charlotte.

It is a matter of standard strategy to know in advance if there is sufficient support in such cases. The actual votes simply confirm the earlier “straw votes”. No sooner were the votes electronically calculated and announced (a matter of 30 seconds or so) that “poor little Becky” wailed she had “pushed the wrong button”. The button are color-coded – Yes is Green ….. No is Red. There is no medical evidence that “poor little Becky” suffers from color-blindedness.

“Poor little Becky’s” woeful protestation was denied according to very clearly-defined House policy. A vote cast is a vote counted. Then it REALLY got interesting…..

“Poor little Democrat” being bullied by the eeeevil GOP” – SCREAMED The News&Observer above-the-fold headline….. and, as a result, of course, the water table in North Carolina was going to be forever poisoned by the horrible frackers. Never let the N&O fear-mongering Lib/Dem toady reporters miss a chance to blame eeeevil Repubs for causing “the sky to fall”. ….. …….. weeeelllll, not so fast.

The saga of “poor little Becky being bullied” hit the national news services. “Eeeeevil Republicans Shame Shame” cried the lock-step Lib media toadies.

…… amid the hue and cry a small gleam of “truth” shown in the media firmament. One little candle held aloft by one little blogger ….. a fellow by the name of Pierce – AgentPierce …… yep, lil’ ol’ MOI played the little Dutch boy putting his finger in the dike to thwart the Lib/Dem lies.

The N&O reporter who was championing “poor little Becky” was John Frank. You may recall John Frank as the same clever fellow who reported on the “confederate memorial” on the walls of Big Ed’s Restaurant where a prominent Republican – Paul Ryan – was scheduled to speak. I called John out on that stunt, too.

I have a polite on-going e-dialogue with reporter Frank. John Frank is nowhere near the overtly Lib/Dem partisan as his smarmy colleague Rob “RielleWho” Christensen so I accord him more respect than I would the normal beady-eyed McClatchy staffer. OK, that’s not saying a lot, but he is polite in our dialoguing.

Even I, just a humble blogger like Michelle Malkin, knew there was Democrat skullduggery afoot. Even I knew “poor little Becky” was pulling a fast one and, apparently getting away with it.

(paraphrased) Hey, John, do your homework Dude. “Poor little Becky” is no wrong vote virgin….. she is a habitual vote scammer. She’s as fulla **** as a Christmas goose.

John wrote back that he was “unaware” of Becky’s predilection for pushing the wrong button. I told him it was a matter of public record – LOOK IT UP! and, of course I WAS RIGHT.

But I’m “just a blogger” so leave it to Charlotte’s WSOC to formally expose “poor little Becky”. WSOC did the research John felt was unnecessary and GUESS WHAT ……

“Poor little Becky” has cried “silly me, I pushed the wrong button” at least EIGHT FREAKIN’ TIMES in this session alone. Becky Carney is the wrong button equivalent of a meth addict. …… it gets better.

WSOC challenged poor little Becky Carney and, of course, she flatly denied she had EVER pulled this stunt. Oops….. Apparently “poor little Becky” was unaware that voting records and protests are archived. Becky’s bloomers quickly fell around her ankles….. her lyin’ butt EXPOSED!

EIGHT times…. Hellfire, thats five more times than Peter denied Christ in the Garden!

Poor poor poor little Becky…… just another lying liberal Democrat initially protected by The N&O but ultimately exposed by the shining light of Truth. ….. like Bill Clinton, Andrew Weiner, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, Eliot Spitzer…… at least “poor little Becky” Carney is in some Big Name company.

Now, will the Truth about “poor little Becky” receive as much publicity as the initial story? It has only appeared in the final paragraph of an N&O Under The Dome on-line blog on Saturday…… quite a ways from the above-the-fold front page of the original story. We shall see but don’t hold your breath on this one.

Being “just a blogger” is fun. Some days it’s a whole lot of fun. This was such a day.

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