You Know A Big Election Is Coming When……

July04/ 2012

Groundhogs tell us when Spring is coming – How do we know when “a Big Election is coming up?” – Liberals blow the dust off their Bibles and get temporarily “holy” on us. Yep, those beady-eyed hypocrites who spend 44 out of 48 months aborting babies and tearing down Nativity scenes, always try a clumsy 180 as the election nears…….

America most over-hyped broad-beamed “fashion icon” – ObamaMama herownself was in Tennessee last week ginning up the base by pounding a pulpit. Reminding their drones that they needed to be hyping her baby daddy in their pews. She was admonishing an A.M.E. Zion assembly that separation of church & state don’t apply when they are shaking the plate for BHO.

No great revelation here. Black churches have always been their “union halls”. White folks better not do it, UNLESS they are stumping for Obama. The technical term is “situational separation” of church & state.

Let a Conservative park out front of a church with a Repub bumpersticker on his SUV and Eric Holder’s goons will be on him like white on rice. You betcha.

Real ordained ministers named Graham, Robertson, et al better not share their political preference….. but pomaded loonies from mail order divinity mills can demand prime time and parade permits for their screaming romp & stomps.

(Yes, I have copyrighted: “…. pomaded loonies from mail order divinity mills”)

Obama has purposely avoided pulpit politiking for the past 3.5 years. Since America got a blistered earful of Uncle Jeremiah Wright breathing fire, damning God and roosting his chickens. It became very convenient for The Obamas to distance themselves from Jeremiah after 20+ years of marinating in his venomous bile. Their abrupt disappearance from front row at Jeremiah’s Tabernacle of Afro-centric Screeds fooled no one with a double digit IQ but that still left a bunch of voters with no valid IDs who were fooled.

Do you miss the old days with Slick Willie toting around his “family bible”? The one that had hot phone #s and “favorite fetishes” where Proverbs was suppose to be.

Lets hop over to those warm & fuzzy God-hatin’ atheists that crawled out from under their rocks when “their guy” moved in The White House.

I’m not going to say “ALL atheists are liberal democrats” but there are not enough atheists Conservatives to fill up a foxhole.

Those quite nasty folks are determined to power-wash every speck of Christian influence out of America, and have racked up major victories in recent years courtesy of very sympathetic federal judges….. and with Obama’s full blessing. They know to quiet down with Election Day coming up.

It’s July 2012 – any “undecided voter” has to be dumber than pea gravel. If Obama’s DOJ & ACLU don’t rip down another cross, desecrate another veterans’ cemetery, shutdown another scout troop, or put the quietus on another graduation ceremony for the next 90 days, the “undecideds” will forget all about’em by November. After November they will rev’up again and complete the power-washing of God out of America….. IF their strategy works.

Do hard-core Lib/Dems despise all religion? Apparently not. They cozy up to Muslims really well and Satanists. Oh, and Hollywood Scientologists…. who write big fat checks to Obama.

Why hasn’t Lord Obama visited Israel even once in the past 3.5 years? Beats me. Apparently shopping in Tel Aviv doesn’t have much appeal for Michelle. But her hubby really likes their lock-step votes.

Sure, some yellow-dog liberal/democrats do “go to church” regularly. Some even sing in the choir or play on the softball team…. and can even quote a scripture other than John 3:16. Want to make a churchy Lib/Dem really squirm? And who doesn’t enjoy that. Mention “voter ID” …… “Joe Biden” …. or “tell us the scriptural approval for abortion”.

It’s a simple either / or. Is one’s messiah of choice a humble carpenter….. or a raging narcissist?

Liberals certainly do not have an exclusive on hypocritical piety. But they do have us beat in sheer volume…. and they are damn proud of it.

Some are trying to make hay out of Mitt’s Mormon-thing. Ask a Lib to tell you everything they know about Mormons – and not use the words “polygamy”, “bicycles” or “Osmonds”. It will be a very short lecture.

“Well, uh,… don’t they have a big tabernacle with a choir next to a big lake in Utah?”

It’s an old query….. “Why did God, in His infinite wisdom, create gnats, mosquitoes and those Women Of Wal-Mart you tubes? Add liberal democrats to that list?

The answer will be the same for all of’em …… God has a really wicked sense of humor.

A Big Election IS coming up.

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