Risk Being “That Guy”

July03/ 2012

You know “that guy”. The one in your neighborhood or maybe in your church congregation or somewhere in your personal / professional orbits…. that you politely avoid if possible. A nice enough fellow but just too intense when it comes to politics. You and he vote alike but he is just….. too “intense”. These are perilous times. Are you willing to risk being “that guy”?

My first “that guy” was Bill Poe. When I first moved to that Atlanta suburb in the 70s, I was told early on by various neighbors “be careful with Bill”. No one spoke bad of Bill but there was a strange tone in their voices….. “just be careful around him”. Bill Poe was “a John Bircher”.

You don’t hear that term any more but guys like Bill are still around and some folks are still very wary of’em. The broad brush of political name-calling has evolved considerably over the past 30+ years. Now days any of us who are registered (R) get called much worse by liberals and the liberal media…. and even by “moderate mainstream” (wink, wink) Democrats who believe what the msm tells them to believe.

Those of us who are outspoken Conservatives and have a bully pulpit of whatever impact get blasted 24/7 much worse than anything Bill Poe was called.

It was Bill that first told me about “the CFR” and the Tri-Lateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, etc. Bill had enough firepower and provisions in his reinforced basement bunker to withstand a siege of several months or more. The only way he was parting with his guns was “prying them from his cold dead fingers”. Bill knew he was considered the town “kook” and took it good-naturedly. If you wanted to talk about “it” that was fine, but Bill never pushed his extreme politics on anyone…. but he did make some folks nervous. He never made me nervous. I never fully bought-in to Bill’s point-of-view but was impressed with his sincerity.

About 8-10 years ago I found myself in very rural Mississippi. I was visiting a “compound” owned by a gentleman from Louisiana who was “Bill Poe on steroids with very very deep pockets”. He had enough heavy-duty firepower to take out a Colombian cartel. Again, I listened to his theories, similar to Bill’s, and pondered them. “Pondering” not buying in or discounting, just pondering.

Living in various parts of the South for years, I’ve known a few Pentecostals though I’ve never personally handled a snake, eaten clay or spoke in an unknown tongue. I am a Christian with lots of Christian friends. They aren’t Pentecostal either. I prefer old-timey hymns in lieu of “spirit bands”.

What about “birthers”? Do I believe Obama’s life story is full of more holes than a wool sweater at a moth convention? Absolutely; but concentrating on all the technicalities distracts from the REAL issue – his extreme radical “Destroy America” agenda.

Tea Partiers? I’ve been to several rallies. Lots of passionate folks worried about their country’s future. Never seen one of those passionate folks be obscene or profane….. not one.

I have dialogued with hard-core liberals….. spittle-spewing snarling racial “activists”….. Democratic “operatives”…. faux-intellectual pointy-headed academics…. arrogant journo-geeks…. and plenty of anonymous gnarly goobers on comment boards. None of them were as polite and matter-of-fact nice as Bill and that “gun-nut” in Mississippi. In fact, they weren’t very polite at all. They were quite obscene and profane.

I never have actually tangled with a “militant homosexual”. I have friends who have. Their stories of those encounters are quite intense. If one were to rank “people who really hate me just because of my politics”, militant homosexuals are the black mambas on the political venom scale. They are capable of ANYTHING.

These are perilous times we are living in. I’m not sure where America is headed and how close to the edge of the precipice we are…… about four months.

If during the next four months you start to view me as “that guy” that’s OK. I’ve certainly been called a lot worse than “that guy”.

I’m not suggesting you become a “that guy”. It’s not for everybody for sure. Visit here…. read what you choose to and ponder it for what it’s worth to you. I may scare you with my intensity at times….. but I won’t be obscene or profane. That’s a promise.

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