Two MORE “SWDs” Bail On Charlotte

June27/ 2012

The number of prominent Straight White Democrats” to announce “We Ain’t Coming to OccupyCharlotte” has now grown to NINE. Sen Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Rep. Jon Tester of Montana have added their names to the ever-lengthening high profile elected Democrats who don’t want their own re-election campaigns infected with Barack Kooties.

Claire cited “a too long neglected tomato patch” and Jon noted his “sock drawer is simply a mess”. It is just a coincidence that Claire’s poll numbers “back home” are dropping faster than a bowling ball in a tub of Jell-O.

Who can blame’em? With GangObama expected to turn loose it’s assorted hordes of misfit toys on The Great State of Mecklenburg come early September – The intersection of Trade & Tryon will be Ground Zero for Creepy Crawlies R Us. FEMA is stocking up on penicillin, bandaids and RoachMotels for the, quite literally, Great Unwashed that WILL be coming.

The latest tally of “straight white folks with fewer than 8 drug arrests and no STDs” with confirmed reservations for Charlotte In September is now down to double digits with two months to go.

A 3×5 note card stating “Looking 4 A Roomie 4 The Convention? Call J. Biden in Dover Delaware.” was posted on a bulletin board at a Food Lion in Matthews. A spokesman for VP Biden declined comment.

Obama’s union thugs were already pissed because they don’t have a stranglehold on local workers in North Carolina. Why didn’t BHO pick a union stronghold where the AFLCIO and SEIU already had their kneecappers and bonebreakers in place? Why?

Because NC’s Guvette Dumplin’ Perdue promised BHO she might maybe possibly could deliver her “critical battleground state” to The Chosen One. Well, like all Dumplin’ other promises – this one was bogus as you-know-whose birth certificate too.

Dumplin’ couldn’t deliver a freakin’ pizza….
much less “her state”.

Dumplin’ role in “her state” hosting of OccupyCharlotte Riot&RapFest has been reduced now to …… no role whatsoever. It may be even further reduced.

This year’s “GrantPark-type Rally” scheduled for Charlotte Motor Speedway has been cancelled …. and replaced by a BYOB party at Dave & Buster’s on South Blvd. Convention organizers cited “we ain’t got no mo money…. and the local po-leece said we couldn’t take dumps on the racetrack.” But Dumplin’ promised…… oops.

For Charlotte residents bracing for the rabble-arrival – Be Aware – Lowes and Home Depot ARE stocking up on 4×8 sheet of plywood for covering all plate glass windows during the week-long rioting.

Charlotte’s notorious “Gentlemen’s Clubs” (aka strip clubs) are still advertising for Nancy Pelosi look-alikes. And who said it couldn’t get any worse…….

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