One Less Liberal I Actually Liked

June27/ 2012

She was born on NYC’s Upper West Side and spent most of her adult life in Beverly Hills. She was a screenwriter, novelist and columnist. She was married for a few years to Carl “Watergate” Bernstein. Wanna guess Nora Ephron’s politics??? Nora Ephron died yesterday. The world has lost an artsy liberal I really liked……

“I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

…. Even if you aren’t real sure why the name Nora Ephron seems familiar, you likely recall “that scene” in Harry Met Sallie. Nora Ephron wrote Harry Met Sallie and Sleepless In Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. She wrote other witty enjoyable stuff too.

If you can name your three favorite Meg Ryan and/or Tom Hanks films, I betcha a Nora Ephron-written one is on your list.

I’m sure I have friends who’ve never heard of those “rom-coms” (and have no clue what a “rom-com” is) but within the pantheon of folks I have the most delightful chit-chats with, there IS a familiarity with such movies.

My wife and our daughter have, literally, memorized the entire script of You’ve Got Mail and worn out three DVDs of it. …… Of course I can quote any line from RoadHouse or The Outlaw Josey Wales while holding a burning match. I digress.

Our daughter is at that age – 24 – where her political awareness is not so keenly developed to where she labels everyone either “one of them” or “one of us” before deciding if she is going to like them. Ahhhh, the sweet innocence of youth. She’ll learn……. sigh, sob.

(Am I writing this to show my daughter that her right-wing commando dad is an afficianado of “whimsy”? She already knows that; but a reminder never hurts)

For those of us on the front lines of political combat (on the God, Country & Ronnie Reagan Side), it’s a safe strategy to dislike anyone in the stage, screen and artsy world not named Chuck or Clint. We used to like Mel (Gibson) but that sumbitch went bat-ass crazy on us. I made an exception with Nora Ephron.

I will cut anyone some slack if they are “clever” and don’t take themselves too seriously. That last requirement quickly culls the herd of 97% of those in the Left-wing nutjob community. I’m sure Nora Ephron and I cancelled other’s vote numerous times over the past thirty years but I didn’t let that get in the way of enjoying the movies she wrote.

PS: A “rom-com” is a romantic comedy.

A 24 y/o Nora-fan reflects (CLICK)

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