Obama’s Blitzkrieg Strategy

June20/ 2012

In the final months of WWII, Hitler, seeing his Third Reich dream crumbling….. launched a final full-scale “Blitzkrieg – aka “Lightning War” throwing everything and the kitchen sink against the Allies. He was in full panic mode to save himself and his twisted dream. Fast forward to Summer 2012…. another self-annointed messianic despot is in full panic mode – behold Obama’s Blitzkrieg Strategy………

“Romney is a feistier candidate than was John McCain. Fundraising is no longer lopsided. The novelty of the first African-American president has become passé. And “hope and change” has been replaced by a concrete record of three and a half years. Given those realities, if his being an unknown quantity was a reason to vote for Barack Obama in 2008, his being all too familiar will be cause for rejecting him in 2012.” – Victor David Hanson

In the immediate aftermath of Scott Walker’s resounding victory in Wisconsin (or as Democrats say – “What Wisconsin election? We don’t know anything about a recent Wisconsin election……”) I quickly thought “Could this be a Pearl Harbor Moment for Obama & His Mob?” Paraphrasing the Japanese admiral as his troops celebrated their victory on Dec 7, 1941.

Have we – Conservatives – “awakened a sleeping giant” with the Wisconsin Landslide? Prior to Wisconsin, Obama’s mainstream media stooges were saturating “whoever reads or listens to their bilge” of The Chosen One’s Total Invulnerability. Like Tiger Woods’ fans after last Friday’s round at the US Open – “it’s not “if” but by HOW MUCH will TIger win his next major by!” …. but there were two rounds left to play and well ……

Now the world knows that neither Tiger nor that other frequent golf-playing sort-of-black celebrity is anything BUT invulnerable. GangObama is sweating bullets and hunkering down in their bunker.

Obama and his mob instigators among the union thugs, urban ‘hoods, and mainstream media now can smell defeat just as Hitler did in his final days. What can we expect as Obama’s “lightning war” unfolds over the next 120 days ?

No one explains such otherwise complicated circumstances better than Victor David Hanson at National Review Online. If you are not a regular VDH reader you are not as well-informed as you think you are. Victor ROCKS!

Here is a synopsis of his key points followed by a link to the full commentary. As always ….. read and pass along to like-minds.

1. There will be lots more “the dog ate my homework” excuses for the dismal economy. ….. Why does Obama try to take credit for things on Tuesday that he damned on Monday? Is his new campaign theme: Despite (rather than because of) Obama?……..

2. Mitt Romney is a tough target. If Obama once loudly admitted to abuse of coke, Romney quietly confesses to avoidance even of Coca-Cola. His personal life is blameless. His family seems the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting. And Romney has more or less succeeded at most things he has attempted. No matter, he is Mormon. Whereas the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Trinity Church were off the table in 2008, Mormonism will be very much on it by late summer…….

3. We will read and hear about RACE 24/7. Racism is not an easy sell today, given that without tens of millions of white voters, Barack Obama would not have been elected. Nor is it easy to condemn America as racist when the white vote in 2008 was split far more evenly than were the 96 percent of African-American voters who preferred Barack Obama. Nonetheless, racial relations are at an all-time low. . The idea that to elect Obama wins the nation racial exemption, and to defeat him earns condemnation, is illogical. No matter: By late fall, expect a desperate Obama administration to be dredging up RACISM nonstop, and in person.

4. We should look for new furor against the “system” in direct proportion to the praise heaped on it in 2008 for being redeemed. The polls, if unfavorable, will be described as innately biased. The uncivil Rush Limbaugh, talk radio generally, Fox News, and tea-party bloggers, we will be lectured, are subversive, peddle hate, foment violence, and MUST BE SILENCED. …….. If Romney outraises Obama, we will hear again the calls for public campaign financing, which were ignored when a cash-flush Obama renounced public financing in 2008. In 2008, academics, foundation people, the Hollywood crowd, journalists, and liberal politicians confessed that they had fallen in love again with an America that had proved it was not hopeless after all; in 2012, America may prove unsalvageable, with thousands vowing to move to Canada……..

5. Suddenly around October the world will become absolutely unsafe. In these dangerous times, Americans must forget their differences, come together, and embrace a bipartisan unity — given that it may be necessary, after all, to hit the Iranian nuclear facilities, since we’ll have learned that the bomb may be a reality by, say, mid-November. ……….. Something more dramatic is needed, given that there are only so many Obama heroics that can be cobbled together and leaked from classified sources.

We do not know who is going to win the 2012 election, only that it will be closer than the 2008 one — and if Obama keeps it up at his present rate he may destroy the Democratic party for a generation. …….. if Obama being an unknown quantity was a reason to vote for Barack Obama in 2008, his being all too familiar will be cause for rejecting him in 2012.

The Full Victor Davis Hanson Column – CLICK

Buckle down America….. the next four months are going to set this country on the brink of total anarchy as Obama’s mobs hit the panic button – screaming obscenities – street rioting – Barack’s Blitzkrieg Is Coming!

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