Andrea Mitchell = “Left-Wing Media Stooge”

June19/ 2012

Name the most over-the-top hard-line left-wing media stooge you can think of – Chris Matthews – Keith Obermann – Bob Bechel – Rachel Madow – Matt Lauer ??? I’m already deeper into this list than you would think of… the latest Queen Bee of Left-wing Media Stooges – Andrea Mitchell – NBC News!

This pinched face limo liberal Obamic sycophant does not garner the level of mainstream disrespect she deserves. Several decades of masquerading as a “real news reporter for a major network” has allowed this witch to become a stealth assassin of all things Conservative.

With “Perky Katie” now exiled to day-time purgatory as a misfit clone of Oprah / Jerry Springer, it leaves the evening news arena to the likes of Andrea Mitchell. Yuck, ptui!

But but AgentPierce, she’s married to Alan Greenspan! So? That’s Alan’s problem and no doubt some karmic payback for sins he committed late at night at The Federal Reserve.

Despite 30+ years of solid evidence to the contrary, some of you in the over-70 demographic still find yourself “trusting” network news. Face it – Uncle Wally was a closet commie – Huntley & Brinkley are long gone – and what ever became of Roger Mudd and who cares?

Dan Rather is – “the Jimmy Carter of Network News Anchors” – sad, mad, demented and disgraced. Both Dan and Jimmy are long past “an old Eskimo fate” – sit’em on a ice flow and set’em both adrift in the Bering Sea.

Tom Brokaw sorta kinda seemed like a nice enough guy. Hey, he wrote that book – The Greatest Generation – and he’s from South Dakota, and his wife ran a toy store. Was he sorta all right? It was Tommy that said to Charlie Rose just before the ’08 election day – “we really don’t know very much about this guy, do we?” “This guy” being Barack Obama who they had been imbedded with for the previous 18 months. Yeah, we can trust Tom Brokaw – RIGHT! ONLY in relative comparison to that aforementioned mad fool – Rather.

“Compared to Rather” is like “Castro is a pretty good dictator -compared to Idi Amin”. At least Fidel doesn’t eat his enemies like Idi did. At least Brokaw didn’t create an entire campaign of lies about George Bush like Dan did..

Weaning oneself off “network news” is simple. It takes two days max. Weaning oneself off “a morning newspaper” takes three days. Do both in the same week and it has the cleansing effect of a barium enema without the anal penetration part.

If Andrea Mitchell wasn’t a hard-core limo liberal media stooge, she would still be uglier than homemade soap and terminally constipated. Roger Ailes would not hire that loathsome witch to pick up Megyn Kelly’s dry cleaning.

Andrea’s latest cheap sneaky stunt involved cutting / pasting a Mitt Romney comment to make him appear “out-of-touch with Middle America”. She got caught because she is an unprofessional journo-hack. A sloppy unprofessional journo-hack.

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