BozoBidens…. Like Father Like Son

June18/ 2012

It’s so easy I don’t even bother 90% of the time. Joe Biden – aka “The National Fool”- aka “The Delaware Dummy” drops more embarrassing verbal cowpies than a herd of Guernseys with acute diarrhea. “Just a heartbeat away from having his thumb on the nuclear trigger”. The thumb that IS on that trigger is frightening enough……. Guess what – Joe has a spawn!……
Only Joe Biden in all his regal doofusness could make anyone hope nothing happens to The Jug-eared Commie until November. Sure Obama would toss the US Constitution into a paper shredder if he was sure his media stooges would cover for him; but even The Chosen One seems “normal” when the Delaware Doofus is the standard of comparison.

Bozo Joe makes more verbal gaffes by noon every day than Dan Quayle has made in his lifetime….. but you’ll never see that reported in the MSM.

Maybe Sarah Palin can see Russia from her backporch….. but Biden can’t find his rear end with either hand if you gave him a map.

Suppose I told you that BozoJoe has passed on his keen rhetorical skills to his boy –BozoBeau. Well, apparently he has.

BozoBiden Jr was a celebrity-speaker at this past weekend’s Democratic Convention & Graveyard Whistling Contest. In a fit of vintage Biden, Beau trashed Mitt Romney for not running for re-election as Governor of Massachusetts.

“I’ve never met a successful politician who didn’t run again,”
The assembled herd of anarchists, faux-intellectuals, gimmee-gimmees and limo liberals gave out a collective “GASP”.

Didn’t this dim-witted goober know about Governor-for-the-time-being Dumplin’ – aka “One & Done Dumplin”?

Apparently BozoBeau was technically correct. Dumplin’ was not in attendance and Beau could not recall if he had ever met her Dumpliness in person. Dumplin’ ain’t exactly all that memorable don’t you know. …… “short little bottle blond with a deer-in-headlights look….”

You invite a Biden….. you get “a Biden”. What does it say that the NCDems have their BIG State Convention and the best they can get to come is Little Boy Biden? No report of any “thighs caressed” by any “just friendly guys” like Jay.

But Daddy is still the National Fool as this link further proves………

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