Obama’s Failures – All Rush’s Fault ?!?

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June16/ 2012

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June 2012

Surely all of Obama’s failures over the past 3+ years can’t ALL be George Bush’s fault. George Bush is just one man. Heck, by general assumption of every left-leaning loonie on the planet; one man of limited capacity. So who else must be at fault for Barack Obama’s ever-growing list of abject failures? Time to credit where credit is due – It’s Rush Fault.

Surely you recall back during the Obama vs Whatshisnamne & Palin campaign in ’08, that Rush Limbaugh proclaimed “I Want Obama To Fail”. The screeching nabobs of the left-wing media all screeched (duh!). Sure, everyone knew what Rush was actually saying but Truth never stands in the way of a screeching media nabob.

Rush yawned and smiled ‘cause he knew exactly how they would respond. Pavlov’s dogs have nothing on The American Left. Stimulus – Predicable Response – 100% guaranteed. Rush meant he wanted Obama to (1) “Fail” to destroy the American Way of Life. (2) “Fail” to destroy the American economy. (3) “Fail” to shred the US Constitution and replace it with Marxist doctrine. Rush said it…. and I, for one, shared his desire that Obama “fail” in those objectives. Maybe some of you hoped he would fail too. If so, his failures are your fault too.

But those silly nabobs said Rush wanted all of Obama’s wonderful economic policies to fail…… and, of course, THEY HAVE. So There Limbaugh. It’s Your Fault!

Surely Obama’s laundry list of failures CANNOT be Obama’s Fault. As the Crown Prince of Affirmative Action he cannot be held liable for ANYTHING. To do so would violate the Sacred Kunte Kinte Rule that no one of African American ancestry is responsible / accountable for any word or action he says or does. Had it not been for those several centuries of enslavement of his ancestors he would have “known better”. So it’s Whitey’s fault that Barack Obama doesn’t “know any better”. Who be America’s Most Well-Listened To & Quoted White Guy? Maha Rushie of course.

Getting a migraine from this reparational reasoning yet?

None of Obama’s inner circle of czars, goggle-eyed sycophants, never-met-a-payroll economic advisors and pseudo-intellectual snoots would ever mention that F-word in his presence. That virus could go viral really quick.

So ….. Taaa Daaa …. it’s all El Rushbo’s Fault. He dared to “wish Obama would fail” and SHAZAAM. The political genie granted Rush his wish. For, as God made little green apples – Barack Obama has indeed failed…. and failed….. and failed some more.

Once again, as it has so many many times over the past 24 years…..

A grateful nation raises a glass of Two If By Tea towards EIB’s Southern Command HQ and says “Thanks” to its favorite harmless little fuzzball.

“Mission Accomplished” …. oops, lets just say – “Job Well Done”.


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