TIME Names Goodmon “Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal”

June08/ 2012

I don’t usually agree with TIME Magazine’s honorees; but this time I wholeheartedly concur. In fact, yours truly had already recognized this particular area luminary several months ago. TIME recognizing Capital Broadcasting Co. Kingpin – Jim Goodmon as “The Triangle’s #1 Limousine Liberal” is recognition long overdo.

The once-relevant newsmagazine has some guy going around the country on some Kuralt-like odyssey interviewing people of the uber-liberal persuasion. This week their guy was in Durham and was simply fascinated by the ideological transformation of the well-known media mogul.

Here is the link to the TIME story but read my stuff first, then compare it to theirs.

Road Trip 2012, Day 2: A Man Who Speaks His Mind

TIME usually honors dictators, genocidal warlords, union thugs, racial instigators and other assorted far left-wing whackjobs. Jim Goodmon is not any of those.

Jim Goodmon inherited a very successful Radio-TV empire from his uncle and through his astute business acumen has turned it into a very very VERY successful Radio-TV empire. Until just recently WRAL-TV5 was one of the area’s most productive money-printing enterprises.

Jim Goodmon was born “a 1%er” – 70 years before we learned that was a very very bad thing to be.

As we noted in our earlier profile of Jim Goodmon – ( here’s that Link – CLICK) ….. he was for many years, Raleigh’s premier “city father” and most reclusive apolitical figure. Jim ran such an apolitical media empire that CBC employees were forbidden from displaying ANY political partisanship on their cars, desks or lapels. But, alas, Jim was living a tortured life ideologically. Jim Goodmon was a Closet Limousine Liberal….. his secret shared only by his wife Barbara.

This was while his local media rival – The News & Observer – was owned by the way far-left Daniels’ Family. The Daniels’ were flaming Democrats. The Daniels sold the local newspaper to the McCatchy Corp for mega-millions. The McClatchy bunch continued the Daniels overt Democratic partisanship and added their memorable botchings of Duke Lacrosse and the John Edwards’ Scandal…. and in the process lost subscribers and advertisers faster than you can pour water out of a rubber boot.

Compared to The N&O, Goodmon’s radio & TV stations were seen as “fair & balanced”….. again, compared to those hair-on-fire loonies on South McDowell Street.

Jim has the kind of financial wherewithall to do pert near anything he wants to do. After ramrodding the Olympic Festival in the late 80s, he got the bug to own a sports team, bought the Durham Bulls and built a new ballpark. He got into big-time urban redevelopment with his American Tobacco Company project. His deep pockets allowed him to withstand economic ups & downs and, quite frankly, the son-of-a-gun has the vision and business instinct to turn a profit on about anything he touches. …… but he was a tortured soul; hiding in that Liberal closet.

Jim says he “outed himself” ten years ago but it was a quiet “outing”. He really got on his liberal soapbox in the 2008 presidential campaign when he refused to sell ad time to the NCGOP for an ad Jim saw as negative to his guy – Obama. At the time The Goodmons had not one but two Obama yard signs in the front yard of the family manse.

Then several years later, speaking to a MLK Day luncheon, Jim announced that he “discourages” his news department from running news stories that he deems detrimental to his personal political agenda. That was pretty “ballsy” to say the least but such is the power of a media mogul abustin’ at the seams to vent his pent-up anxieties for being so doggone successful. The quintessential Limousine Liberal.

While I take pride in canceling Jim’s vote in every election, I can’t help but admire his “ballsy” attitude. While those folks at McClatchy stop, drop and roll every time they get caught twisting the “news” to their agenda; Jim Goodmon just lets it fly.

Thru the family’s A.J. Fletcher Foundation, Jim and his wife funnel $$$$ to a long list of whacko causes….. the kind of bizarro stuff that even Algore wouldn’t shill for.

When Repubs took over the NC General Assembly, Jim went and hired a “character assassin” – Laura Leslie – and assigned her House Speaker (R) Thom Tillis’ garbage cans as her daily assignment. Every day Laura dives in Thom’s dumpster to find some dirt she can throw at the high-ranking Republican. If she can’t find anything, she announces that she might find something the next day…. or hints at some innuendo rumor.

This gal is such a piece o’ work she make Rob Christensen seems “mainstream”. A real sweetheart that Laura Leslie….. just doing what Jim Goodmon hired her to do.

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