Scott Walker – “Warrior Governor”

June06/ 2012

High Fives all around to our brave Conservative brothers & sisters in Wisconsin. When the union barbarians stormed the Governor’s mansion, our side stood firm and repelled the obscenity-screaming thugs and thugettes. Enjoy this victory until noon. Then gather your shields and swords and return to the parapets….. A very key battle has been won – a nasty and bitter war must still be waged.

No question Tuesday’s victory was BIG. We knew the kneecappers would be up to all their thuggish tricks. We knew the voter fraud and blatant intimidation tactics would be employed. The defecating and urinating mob would be doing what their ilk always does. Obama’s Manual For Mobs is a very short book: Intimidate – Defecate – & Bloviate.

…… But by dawn’s early light the skies above Wisconsin shown Red – White & Blue….. oe’r the Land Of The Cheese & The Home Of The Packers. ON WISCONSIN!

Like Benjamin Martin in The Patriot….. ONE brave man – Scott Walker – led the charge.

Scott Walker Dumplin’

“Warrior” “Quitter”

We cannot imagine the crap Scott Walker’s family has endured from the scum-suckin’ Sons Of Hoffa – the AFL-CIO ….. Obama’s henchmen one and all. Last week Barack Obama gave a Medal of Freedom to an avowed America-loathing Socialist ?? This week a true freedom-loving American stood firm and triumphed. Take that Barack!

Obama, ever the cowardly community organizer, abandoned his union thug henchmen so their defeat would not be his defeat. Wrong Again Barack! You lost yesterday Barack. You and your mobs of snarling zombie thugs.

Now the union thugs will gather up their tire irons and ball bats and head to Charlotte to scream obscenities and break things. The intersection of Trade & Tryon will be piled high with putrid garbage and human waste as the Obamans do what Obamans do. The thugs aren’t quitting. Their media toadies aren’t quitting……

And by golly….. WE definitely aren’t quitting. A very key battle has been won. A very nasty war must still be fought “in every Middlesex village & town” across the fruited plain.

On Like Wisconsin….. They have shown us the way!

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