N&O “Outs” Big Ed’s As Confederate Stronghold

June05/ 2012

It is hardly “news” that The News & Observer would go out of its way to “stir the pot” with racist journalism. Can you say “Duke Lacrosse” boy and girls? But seldom has the failing newspaper been so blatant and shameful as it was this week. …. Reporter John Frank links Big Ed’s Restaurant to “Confederacy”. SHAMEFUL even by N&O bottom-feeder standards.

Prominent Repub Congressman Paul Ryan is visiting Raleigh on Tuesday. His meeting will be at the popular Raleigh landmark restaurant Big Ed’s. Big Ed’s has been THE meeting place for “politicos” along every point of the partisan spectrum for decades.

With the Democs having dominated NC politics for the past 100 years, one can safely say FAR more Democrat “deals have been done” over Big Ed’s biscuits soaked in blackstrap molasses and other downhome Southern delicacies than have eeeeevil Republican deals.

But now that a prominent Republican will be in Big Ed’s, the N&O’s junior political newshound – John Frank – reminds the N&O’s ever dwindling readership that:

Big Ed’s has a Confederate memorial on its wall….. OH NO!!!!

Yep….. the same restaurant which has served every NC politician of note for the past 30 years is now revealed to be by Frank’s obvious insinuation ….. probably a KKK stronghold and no doubt a gathering place for them what hates black folks including prominent Republican Paul Ryan. ….. and Jim Hunt, Mike Easley, Dumplin, Mark Basnight, Tony Rand, Deborah Ross, David Parker, Walter Dalton, Jim Black, Joe Hackney….. heck, maybe The Obamas have visited Big Ed’s on one of their many many visits to Raleigh in the past year.

And you’ve said how many times “that worthless fishwrapper cannot get any worse” – WRONG!

John Frank is the N&O junior political reporter. He is #2 to the infamous (“award-winning”) Rob “RielleWho” Christensen who was imbedded in the Edwards’ campaign but never noticed how cozy John & Rielle became. Quite a pair – Rob Christensen and John Frank. Quite a pair indeed. The N&O’s Woodward & Bernstein by golly. …. Let’s award John Frank with an OFFICIAL AgentPierce nickname – henceforth he shall be “Johnny Reb” Frank. Catchy huh?

Here’s John Frank’s piece: Big Ed’s Linked To Confederacy


Oh, one more note. I have had numerous lunch meetings at Big Ed’s with a prominent member of Raleigh’s black community. This individual dines at Big Ed’s so often he is on a first name basis with Big Ed’s waitresses. He is also THE most super-sensitive individual I know regarding “racial history”. He can recite chapter and verse of the plight of African-Americans over the past 300 years. …. And loves to visit and dine at Big Ed’s.

In the course of our half dozen meetings at Big Ed’s (he chooses the location) he never cared there was such wall art and neither did I; nor all the prominent Democrats who have dined there for 30+ years. But apparently TODAY it is a BFD to N&O crackerjack reporter “Johnny Reb” Frank.

How come Reporter “Johnny Reb” Frank? How come N&O Editor John Drescher? How come Publisher Orage Quarles?

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