….. another scrap of fish

May31/ 2012

Democrats, long before The Obamic Era, have employed the concept: “It IS better to promise a man a scrap of fish, than to teach him how to catch his own fish.” in their mantra to minorities aka black voters. “Vote for us and we’ll keep promising to get you off the welfare plantation. We will never actually do that of course. Then you wouldn’t need us any more, so all we’ll ever do is promise we will.” Hehehehe. …….
Give those lyin’ slicksters credit. It keeps that voting faction fat, dumb and not-very-happy…. but as loyal as loyal can be. A scrap of fish (another “entitlement”) is dangled in front of them – they vote like they are ordered to – “put your mark in the D box at the top. Here is what a D looks like. – do so as often on election day as you can without being caught.”

If a voting district has been gerrymandered “properly” the D candidate wins – the scrap of fish is meted out. No one is ever taught “how to fish” and the whole process is repeated in the next election cycle.

The whole concept is an incredible insult to the black community and to other minority voters.

I’ve had off-the-record discussions with Democratic operatives. They admit that they can indeed fool some people ALL the time. Hispanics are proving to be harder to fool, but the Dems are trying just the same. The Democrats have been peddling this bogus snake-oil for five decades. Remember LBJ’s “Great Society”. How’s that flim flam working out?

It is critical to any success they can hope for in an election. There simply are not
enough pseudo-intellectual academics, anarchists and assorted lunatic fringe factions to make any impact without the “black voter bloc.

Eric Holder is not really Oprah’s perpetual boy-friend – Steadman Graham, he just looks like him and is an equally spineless beard. As Attorney General, Eric Holder is Obama’s “Justice Boy” – his Czar over the Justice Dept. BHO is now sending his justice boy out in the field to be sure the minions have their November marching orders. BHO knows this November is going to require 150% of “the black vote” and he’s taking no chances.

150% ??? Sure….. it’s called Reparation Voting. Because slavery existed in this country up until 150 years ago, and the CRA is only 60 years old…. black voters oughta get special privileges when it comes to voting. ?? Basically they get to vote as often as they like even after they are dead (so long as they check that D up at the top of course) and, of course, those pesky rules about churches being off-limits to overt politicking don’t apply to “black churches” because _________.

No one has ever answered that “because _____?” question because ______. They (those rules) just don’t apply. End of discussion. Write it off to the Kunta Kinta Guilt thing.

So’s any whoo, Eric is going out in the hinterlands to make sure all the black preachers are onboard.

Obama sends Holder to “persuade black preachers”…… (CLICK)


A number of black preachers have apparently “jumped ship” on the gay marriage thingy. BHO told Eric to gather up those insolent strays. Remind them how the game works. In case they should ever dare to think independently. Can’t have THAT.

Yes, I’ll get called a racist and a bigot for writing this. What the heck, I already get called a racist and a bigot because I’m an outspoken Conservative – a registered Republican – listen to talk radio – watch FoxNews and attend a non-Muslim church.

If being called names by screaming hair-on-fire nutjobs is going to stop me from speaking Truth to Scams, I would have shut down years ago. I’m just getting warmed up.

Intimidating the opposition with screaming insults and/or “going ALLCAPS” in media comment forums is Stage One of their attack strategy. Overt threats are Stage Two. I’ve been in Stage Three a time or two. That gets a little dicey. Leave Stage Three to us professionals.

Withstanding a Stage One name-calling assault from their zombie mob is a piecea cake. “Sticks and stones …… sticks and stones….. names will never hurt you.” If it gets a bit intense for you, let me know.

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