Aiiiieee, The Sky Is Falling!

May27/ 2012

“Thou the scorners (McClatchy-ites) may sneer at and whitlings defame her, still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her – The Old North State Forever.” – “Lordy Lordy The Sky Is Falling. It Surely Is” screams the front page of Raleigh and Charlotte’s McClatchy newspapers. Those nattering nabobs of negativism are in High Hysteria with no signs of their fever breaking. WE ARE ALL DOOMED !!!
The after-effects of “the Amendment Vote” (61% vs 39%) still have the prigs, pseudo-intellectual snoots, and ‘dem what follows that confederacy of dunces in severe case of “da vapors” sho nuff.

The News & Observer’s and Charlotte Observer’s “front pages” are very close to their “back pages” and have been for more than a few years. This is a testament to the steady erosion of readers and advertisers. The two papers are so light these days the carriers weigh’em down with rocks so’s they don’t blow off’n the driveways. All those departed readers and all those departed advertisers must know something. Ya reckon.

I get paid to listen to their funeral dirge and hear their death gurgle as this media dinosaur sinks inexorably into the tar pit of self-imposed obsolescence….. glub, glub, glub. Otherwise I would join all the many others who long ago declared “enough already” to their screeds. For the record – I read on-line – having cancelled my subscription seven years ago.

If the past three weeks are any indication, those self-righteous sore-losing snigglings are going to wail about “the Amendment Vote” well into the arrival of Barack’s Angry Snarling Mob to Charlotte in August. THEN the wailing will ramp up to a for-real cacophony for sure.

Yours truly landed a haymaker to the glass jaw of the McClatchy-ites early Sunday morning. I could edit and tweak it but what-the-heck, lets just post it here and let it stand as originally penned.

The latest McClatchy “THE SKY IS FALLING” screed –

To which AgentPierce replied:

In Rudyard Kipling’s Blind Men & The Elephant, seven blind men each touched an elephant. None of the seven had any preconceived notion of what an elephant looked like. Each touched a separate part – trunk, ear, leg, side, tail etc. Each came away with an entirely different impression of “an elephant”. Each was correct in what he saw…. and each was incorrect in the whole.

For much of the past 50 years, NC was “famous” for Mayberry and NASCAR – Barney Fife & Richard Petty. We all endured the jokes…. and enjoyed the bountiful riches of our fine state. ….. add in “barbecue” and liberal hatred of Jesse Helms – and we still enjoyed unprecedented growth and prosperity. …. 🙂

Now a failing newspaper chain promotes isolated incidents that supports its socio-cultural politicial agenda and touts “EVERYBODY is laughing at us”. And a 100 or so agitated hot-bloods echo their sorrowful mantra on anonymous comment boards.

Keep promoting that “the sky is falling” Chicken Little McClatchy and yes, there will be laughter heard….. at YOU and yours as you gnash your pointy teeth and preach your doom and gloom …. as your company hemorrhages more red ink each month.

The words of our state song were written many years ago and hold true today: “….. Thou the scorner may sneer at and whitlings defame her, still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her. Hoorah, hoorah The Old North State Forever.”

…. As Sheriff Andy would say to Barney – “You beat all (N&O / Charlotte Observer). You know that.” …… glub, glub, glub.

And don’t get me started on those THREATENED ECONOMIC BOYCOTTS. Liberals threatening Economic Boycotts have a history of success (??) that not even hapless Cubs’ fans would envy.

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