Dwight “Un-Fired” by Dunder Democrats

May12/ 2012

… David “Dwight from The Office” Parker resigned under duress Saturday from “Dunder Mifflin’s Raleigh Office” aka The NC Democratic Party HQ. Before David could pack all his stuff in a cardboard box, and turn in his keys; the dunderheads begged him to come back. ….. so he did. An observer to this process described it as “chaotic”. It was a gathering of Democrats. Isn’t “chaotic” being redundant? ………

The political party that gave Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, among many others, free passes on Class Five felonious misconduct has chosen to overlook David Parker’s hush money shenanigans involving “Just Friendly Jay” of “his penis” and “caressing a thigh” infamy. In that comparative perspective, David “stole a paper clip and made a personal copy on the office’s Xerox machine”.

David / “Dwight” is no more or less eat up with situational ethics than pretty much anyone in his position, especially among his Democ peers. What he did borders on a Catholic priest slipping some tongue to a fetching nun in a moment of unguarded carnality.

David, say twenty Hail Obamas and burn a copy of the US Constitution and we’ll clean your slate. Nothing goes “on your permanent record”.

I could care less about this “Ichabod”. He gets his Andy Warhol 15 minutes and fades back into geekish obscurity. Fawn Hall I remember. David Parker Who? That geek that looks like Dwight From The Office. Oh yeah, him.

Do you recall every nebbish in your Jr Hi PE class that could not even grab “the rope” much less climb up a few feet. That be David Parker – Executive Director of NC’s Democratic Party.

“Wally & The Bev” both threw David under the bus two weeks ago. Then “Wally & The Bev” backed over him a few times. Then they staked him out over a fire ant hill after pouring honey all over his nekkid little run-over body. It’s been two weeks, David has probably forgotten all about THAT, don’t you figure?

“Wally & The Bev” …….. AgentPierce, you are referring to Walter Dalton & Bev Perdue aren’t you? ….. “Wally & The Bev” = OUTSTANDING!

Thanks. I have full bumpersticker and t-shirt rights to it. Yes, I can hear the gang over at CJ and JLF spewing coffee on their keyboards.

Sure, Thom Tillis has a couple of vacancies to fill on his Repub staff; having demonstrated minimal tolerance for “dipping one’s pen in lobbyists’ ink” but re-hiring his miscreants isn’t on Thom’s To Do list.

It was a rough week in NC DemWorld. The party where “heteros” are scorned and referred to as &*^%$ and ^%$# and often as $%#^ and Christian Heteros are REALLY unpopular got poleaxed at the polls.

NC has 100 counties. 92 of’em voted YES on the “Marriage Amendment”. Prompting some left-wing nitwits to, of course, demand a recount. That’s like Wally Mondale crying foul when Reagan whupped him in 49 of the 50 states. No, Wally had better sense than that.

I actually saw a quote from an enraged GLBTer that “a majority should not be allowed to outvote a minority”. Fidel Castro seconded that fascinating concept.

In that context, it makes perfect sense that David / Dwight is back in the corner office over at NC DemHQ. Maybe David will appoint Jim Black as Official Party Optometrist too.

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