CNN…. glub, glub, glub

May03/ 2012

Add another mainstream media sycophant to the long list of death-spiraling mainstream media sycophants – CNN. I haven’t watched Ted Turner’s little news outlet in 6-7 years. Surprised to know they even still fog a mirror. I get CNN, MSNBC and BET mixed up. Which one hasn’t yet hired/fired Keith Obermann?
Last mainstream media sycophant to hit rock bottom please call Jay Carney and turn in your WH press credentials. FoxNews just hired five more lovely ladies with advanced degrees in political science. Roger Ailes needs more press passes.

Is CNN the one that had that guy with the tingling leg?

Is CNN where Al Sharpton gets paid to scream “I HATE WHITEY. Twana, please pass the fried chicken….”

Did CNN really stand for Clinton’s News Network?

Can they bring Larry King back? The suspended Ol’ Cryptkeeper can interview Dan Rathers’ makeup girl.

Who was that horrid old hag that hated Jews? Was she a CNNer?

I know Aandreeeea Mitchell is with NNNBCC News. Wow is that broad ever a blow-dried twit. She and Leslie Stahl are the Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers of over-the-hill info used-to-bees.

Maybe Ted should can the whole failing news format and just show Barbarella and Cat Ballou reruns on an endless loop. Oops, that deal with Hanoi Jane bombed for Ted too.

Here the news story on CNN’s ratings death spiral. “They” might have noted it on CNN but if so nobody woulda seen/heard it. ….. Say good night Gracie.

CNN Ratings Death Spiral….

Some stories are just more fun to report than others. THIS ONE was a LOT of fun to report.

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