May02/ 2012

If you follow politics from a partisan perspective, the headline Political Sex Scandal should cause you to “Duck & Cover”. Until you know for certain which color jersey the latest perp is wearing, lay low. “This week” the fickle finger of sexual shenanigans is pointed at NC House Speaker (R) Thom Tillis’ staff. Two fingers to be exact. So far…..

Politics is a blood sport. If one does not want to attract sharks, one better not bleed.

Thom Tillis’ staff is hemorrhaging this week. The blood splatter will reach beyond the confines of Tillis’ office.

Two weeks ago the scandal spotlight was focused on the NC DemoHQ. Jay “just a really friendly guy” Parmely and David “Dwight” Parker were scrambling, resigning, dodging and weaving from “his penis” and “caressed thighs” and hush money.

NC Repubs were ecstatically celebrating the hourly pratfalls of their opponents. Alas, before the champagne and confetti could be swept up, the clay feet of Repub staffers were embarrassingly revealed.

Two key members of Speaker Thom Tillis’ staff have acknowledged “affairs” of an intimate sexual nature with registered lobbyists. Tillis’ Chief of Staff Charles Thomas was playing footsies with a (now former) lobbyist of the NC Home Builders Assoc and within several days a Tillis “policy advisor” admitted her illicit liaison of a romantic nature with another lobbyist.

Whether state secrets were revealed, or political favors exchanged, during these liaisons is to be determined. Their 100% unacceptability is established. Both staffers have been terminated and rightly so. Good riddance.

Stupidity Has Consequences.

Did Tillis “know” and/or “should he have known” speculation is not a factor in the scandalous severity of this stupidity. These scandals occurred on his staff and “on his watch”. A “perk” of being a high profile politician is that anything and everything of a negative nature will be affixed to one with super glue by one’s opponents.

Are the Repub sexual scandals of greater or less gravity than the one over at the NC DemocHQ? Again, a pointless discussion of “which is the tallest midget in the room”.

Have the Democs dispatched “private investigators” to dig up dirt on Repubs? A general assumption, but so what if they have? This is 2012 and political stakes have never been higher. Repubs should hire their own PIs and do likewise.

Politics has always been a hot bed of scandals. The corridors of political power are an intoxicating environment regardless of one’s ideology.

Human weaknesses are accentuated by convenience and opportunity.

The scandal ledgers of “our side” versus “their side” are as ever-changing in politics as they are in sports rivalries. Eager partisans will always celebrate their opponents’ pratfalls to maximize the PR advantage. Equally certain is that the political scandal pendulum swings back & forth and back & forth and back & forth…… always has and, alas, likely always will. …….

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