No RushRadio Furor Over ACADEMIC FRAUD ??

May01/ 2012

Recall a month or so back. The UNC Faculty squirrels had their hair on fire about UNC Sports being affiliated with “Rush Radio” 106.1 FM. YIKES and Double YIKES! Fueled by a cross-eyed nitwit on (who incidentally is a spouse of a UNC Faculty Council hoity-toity), the screamin’ meemees finally forced Chancellor Thorp to chew on his weejun. ….. that same mob is vewy vewy vewy quiet about Uncle Julius and ACADEMIC FRAUD. …….

I usually leave sports stuff to The Cyber GrandMaster – BobLee. No one and I mean NO ONE nails it like THE Internet Legend – NO ONE! But BL is allowing me to expound today on an issue that is standing astride both our areas of commentarial expertise.

Perhaps you’ve heard ‘bout a dust-up over in Southern Orange County involving Charlie Kuralt’s and Lewis Black’s alma mammy – THE University of North Carolina.

Thumbnailing: In their haste to climb BCS Mountain, UNC fat cats sold their souls to a forked-tongue Pied Piper named The Butcher. First thing you know The Southern Part of Heaven became NCAA Hell On A Soda Cracker. All sorts of creepy-crawlies were wiggling and squirming all over the hallowed grounds.

Naïve disciples and Pollyannas aplenty have been keeling over from severe cases of da vapors as each new day has brought more shovelfulls of harsh reality to their pristine fantasy world.

….. An imaginary world where anarchists, wanna-be social engineers and angry nerds without prom dates try their uncallused hands at community organizing.

By mutual agreement with the rest of the State of North Carolina, one of those invisible fences used to keep fido from digging up your neighbors petunias has been erected around this Nest o’ Nitwits. It does a passable job of keeping the local loonies in their municipal cage as well as alerting any/all visitors that they must check their common sense at the gate.


Any Whooo…. the latest shoebox of poop to be left on the UNC doorstep and set afire involves a grinnin’ professorial possum named Julius Nyang’oro – aka “Uncle Julius”.

…. Uncle Julius has been running a grade mill out of his African American Studies hidey-hole. Apparently doing so for quite some time. His primary customers have been young men of extreme athletic proficiency but notably lacking in academic aptitude. Julius took it upon himself to compensate for their deficiency by giving them grades they did not earn for academic work they did not complete, or in many cases did not even pretend to attempt. Uncle Julius was committing FULL BORE ACADEMIC FRAUD.

In any normal society this heinous sham would be cause for at least a raised eyebrow or two if not a harsher reaction from Julius’ peers, contemporaries and pretty much anyone who can spell integrity. You’d think so wouldn’t ya.

The same gang of hair-on-fire screamin’ meemees that rattled their pitchforks and torches at Chancellor Thorp over that eeeevil ol’ Rush Limbaugh just last month are now doing their imitation of a herd of deaf & dumb ostrichs over Uncle Julius.

Have we mentioned that Uncle Julius is (1) black and (2) will be retiring on July 1 with FULL Tenured Benefits. …… Have we mentioned that that shoebox of burning dog poop on UNC’s doorstep is still smoldering and likely will continue to do so for quite some time.

Meanwhile EIB and Rush Radio is attracting even more listeners and advertisers than ever.

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