Democrats / Dunder Mifflin ??

April21/ 2012

For a cyber commando, it is a “Thank You God” Moment. When our opponents – the eeevil stumblebum Democrats – pull a Wile E Coyote. Trying sooo hard to catch Roadrunner, Wile E runs off the cliff….. blows himself up….. or with NC Democrats – allow David Parker to hold a press conference. ……

The only “David Parker” I knew before last week was a big dude that played baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 80s. His nickname was “The Cobra”. This latest “David Parker” is no “Cobra”.

There are a lot of Democrats. I’m sure there are some that are photogenic and might come across as coherent and perhaps even semi-credible under ideal conditions. Harry Reid ??, Nancy Pelosi ??, Joe Biden ??, Sheila Jackson Lee ??, Bob Beckel ??, Barney Frank ??, Maxine Waters ?? ….. Bev “Dumplin” Perdue ??….. OK, I can’t think of any off-hand; but surely there are 2 or 3. This goober “David Parker” definitely is not one of them.

David Parker has drawn the short straw. He is now “the face” of the LATEST Democratic Scandal Tsunami to sweep across NC from Murphy To Manteo (home of Marc Basnight). Speaking as a cyber commando of the Conservative persuasion – I cannot imagine a more perfect “face of” to pin to the tail of the Democratic donkey.

When David Parker selected his owlish hornrims he had to be thinking “what will make me look the MOST nerdishly absurd for my big media moment?”

You did good David. You did really good….. speaking as a Conservative commando.

Forget Jay Parmley. Jay was “the other NCDP nerdish goober” who supposedly (1) referenced his penis, (2) pointed to his crotch, and (3) caressed the thigh of a former junior operative under his supervision. Jay resigned earlier in the week despite, according to him, doing nothing worthy of him resigning because of. ??? Apparently those 1-2-3 things are acceptable office camaraderie at the NCDem HQ. Who knew?

Jay, alas, only got about five Andy Warhol fame minutes. He still has ten minutes left on his card. Jay’s immediate supervisor – David “Not The Cobra” Parker – has effectively nudged Jay out of the spotlight, claiming it for himself.

Here are David / Dwight’s comments to the media. CLICK

My immediate thoughts were –“No fair, they hired Dwight Schute from The Office to play David Parker.” Then I rethought: “Oh Boy, Oh Boy…. David Parker IS Dwight Schute.”

Democrats = Dunder Mifflin

David Parker = Dwight Schute

Relocate the NCDP HQ to Scranton PA and we have a perfect match. Who gets to play “Michael”? My vote goes to the aforementioned Joe Biden. Really, is there a more sanctimonious pure fool walking the Earth in 2012 than Bozo Joe? I’m probably not going to get a vote, but if I did it would be Joe.

If you are among the very few who do not “get” these references to the TV classic comedy – The Office, just ask the next human being you come in contact with. Say “Dwight with Dunder Mifflin”. Someone will quickly fill you in.

If you have been in the corporate workplace for a minimum of five years, you have encountered versions of every Duffin-Mifflin staff stereotype…. especially Michael & Dwight.

If you visit the NCDem HQ…. you can encounter them today.

David – Dwight – Democrats – Dunder Mifflin…. and one more “D” – Dumplin.

Why do we Conservatives know “There IS A God”?
Who else could have created such a perfect bunch of dysfunctional clowns six months before a general election..

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