Honey, You’re A Rock Star!

April19/ 2012

If text messages were planets, “Honey, you are a Rock Star” would be Jupiter. On Monday I was doing my weekly gig on WPTF-850AM with Bill Lumaye; debating a local Democ operative on the LATEST Really Embarrassing Scandal to befall NC Democs. About 8 minutes in that text came in…….

“You are kickin’ butt and taking names – a Rock Star!”. So, do you think I should tell my wife?……….Just kidding folks.

It was from “her”……. I think. ??

Every ill wind blows someone’s sails. “The Latest” NC Democrat scandal is a belt-high fastball for those of us who really don’t like “those people” very much at all. “This latest one” doesn’t involve a bag of cash handed over in an IHOP restroom. At least not that we know of….. yet.

In the political pundit biz you learn that the phrase “Political Sex Scandal” is a double-edge razor. Sexual shenanigans are indeed non-partisan as recent history can confirm. You stop, drop & roll until you see whether it’s “them” or “us”. This latest one be 110% – THEM.

Of Life’s truism, none is truer than:

“Any text on an organization’s letterhead containing the words “his penis” is really bad news for somebody. Add the phrase “caressed his thigh” and your Titanic just hit the iceberg. ABANDON SHIP !!!

Today’s somebodies is everyone connected to the North Carolina State Democratic Party and that includes Govette Dumbplin and her Ship o’ Fools otherwise known as Council of State.

I could do 100 snappy one-liners about this granny knot of “predatory perversion and generally really yucky crap that makes one’s skin crawl…” but just read the latest news story.

Latest Democratic Sex Scandal

Yes, the people who wrote this story (The N&O) knew about it months ago; but, hey, they’re still recovering from Duke Lacrosse. The N&O’s partner in journalistic malfeasance – The Charlotte Observer – is “praising” it’s sister publication for “breaking the story”. THAT IS A TOTAL LIE !!!

This story and its cover-up was “broken” by DailyCaller and Matt Drudge. The N&O stonewalled this for at least four months until it broke nationally last week. The McClatchy Corp is as culpable in the cover-up as are the sleazy Democrats who did the deed…. “his penis”…. “caressed his thigh”…. etc.

Once all the yucky facts are known we will get Act II – The “Make It Go Away & Lets Talk About The Issues” blah blah blah. Never forget my friends, when the Democrats and their media sycophants start that brainwash crap… some lemming and drones out there will buy it.

I’ve done over 100 radio shows and beau-coups of columns – “Honey, you are a Rock Star” – is “as good as it gets”. Should I tell her that I did that show:

“….. with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair.”

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